No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2371

Even though the transporter had been activated, it still needed a certain period. Jackie calmly waited, and just as he expected, he was warped out right before Skylar attacked.

He could hear gusts of wind blowing past his ears, and the scene in front of him constantly rotated. It was something that was only seen in long-distance transporters.

Jackie’s frozen body could not move at all, which was not a great feeling.

Just as he was wondering where he would be sent to, he heard a familiar elderly voice once more that said, “You’re the most suitable one, so let me give you a final gift.”

Jackie’s breath hitched at the words. A strong wave of energy pierced through Jackie’s skin, seeping into his body. The energy was incredibly overwhelming.

The moment it entered Jackie’s body, Jackie immediately knew what that gift was. The power that was in Jackie’s body was called Formational True Energy.

Formational True Energy was a real treasure even in the Divine Void World that could increase a person’s strength without any side effects.

Jackie had been lacking an increase in level the most. However, Formational True Energy was too overwhelming, so he might just end up injuring himself if he was not careful in absorbing it.

Jackie sighed somewhat helplessly, wanting to complain to the old man. Being transported naturally made him feel restless, anxious.

Having him absorb the energy at that moment would no doubt injure him! Alas, he was too preoccupied to shout at that moment.

Two days later, in a small winding path within Middle Provine, a ragged-looking man was talking to a girl who had a helpless look on her face.

“Are you better now? spoke Selena rather exasperatedly,

Jackie nodded. “I’m already much better, but my injury isn’t something that can be handled in just a day or two. This place seems quite barren, so I shouldn’t be in much danger. Don’t worry.”

Selena sighed but seemed to be more relaxed. Nonetheless, she was still worried about Jackie’s situation. “We don’t even know where you’ve been transported to? Do you have any plans?”

Jackie shook his head. After half a day, the transporting had finally stopped. He was flung in mid-air, but he was already prepared, thankfully, so it did not add to his injuries.

Regardless, he was already injured internally, and rather badly at that, due to absorbing the Formational True energy. He would need some time to recover. As for where he was transported to, he did not have the time to even think about it.

He looked up at his surroundings, realizing that it was a valley in the middle of a sea of mountains. What he also noticed was that it looked especially barren.

The ground was completely empty. Other than a few trees, there were not even any plants or flowers around.

Jackie smiled plainly as he asked Selena, “I don’t know where this is, but we should be fine for the moment. You don’t have to worry. Have you already given out the things I asked you to?”

Selena nodded. Jackie had obtained a lot of amazing things in the Divine Void Slope, and most of them were seventh and eighth-grade pills.

Some of them were completely useless to Jackie, so he decided to just give them away. It would increase everyone’s strength.

Selena, on the other hand, was already at the innate level. Even if it was still just the early stage, it still gave her some way to defend herself.


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