No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2370

Elder Godfrey had a dark look on his face.

“First Elder, are you not ashamed to say that? Do you think we’re all children? If Jackie’s taken away by Skylar, he’ll die! He might even have to suffer through unspeakable torture. As the First Elder of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, you’re helping someone else instead of standing on your own disciple’s side…”

The First Elder’s expression turned grim. “Eleventh Elder, you shouldn’t say that. Do you think I don’t want to help Jackie? Since he’s already in the wrong, it won’t be right for me to protect him.”

Those words were complete nonsense, and Elder Godfrey was furious to just hear them. He turned his head over and mentally decided for himself.

If these people wanted to hand Jackie over to Skylar, he would carve out a path for Jackie to escape, even if he had to die for it.

He was not willing to look at his disciple die just like that for others’ sake! Skylar cackled loudly at the situation.

At that moment, he knew that Jackie’s death was certain. He walked forward and said, “Since you’ve already made your decision, hand over that brat to me.”

At that moment, the looks thrown Jackie’s way grew lighter with joy. The fear that Jackie had brought them from before had completely disappeared.

After all, they all knew that Jackie would not be able to live after being brought away by Skylar. Jackie would even be tortured first!

At that moment, Jackie suddenly let out a laugh as he then coldly looked at Skylar. ” Remember this, though, Skylar: I will make you pay for what happened today many times over.”

Those words shocked everyone present, and a few of them even eyed Jackie with a strange expression. Was he out of his mind? Was he actually adding fuel to the flame instead of trying to say something that could alleviate the situation for himself?

It looked like Jackie was resigned to his fate!

Nelson shook his head helplessly. He knew that it would be useless if he tried to stand up at that moment to say a few good words for Jackie.

He did not have any power. He was merely a disciple at that moment, and he could not interfere with the First and Second Elder’s decision at all.

Skylar let out a cold laugh. “You’re quite bold, brat. Are you not worried that you’ll suffer after I bring you away?”

Jackie laughed coldly. “Bring me away? Are you even capable of doing that?”

Skylar squinted at this and reached out his right hand, preparing an attacking stand.

Elder Godfrey pulled back, wanting to shield Jackie behind him.

At that moment, everyone felt a gentle breeze blow over. Before everyone could react, the breeze enveloped Jackie’s body, and he felt his whole body freeze. It was like he had fallen into quicksand, unable to move at all.

In the next moment, the space around him started to twist. Jackie knew that it was the early signs of being warped out. Skylar loudly shouted. “Teleportation? This brat is being warped out! Who’s doing it?!”

Those words were met with no answer, but Jackie already knew who it was. In the illusion, the old man had told him a lot.

Those last few words had echoed in Jackie’s heart. The old man had said that the restrictions of the realm would be lifted.

At that moment, Jackie had wondered if those restrictions meant the restrictions in power, and that everyone could enter the Hidden Place for Resources.

The old man even started the transporter in the end.

Jackie had wondered what that meant ever since he returned to the Divine Void Slope. It was only when those elders arrived at the Hidden Place for Resources did he understand what it meant.


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