No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2369

Jackie might even be able to lead the Dual Sovereign Pavilion into being a fourth-grade clan.

Regardless, his relationship with Jackie was not the best. Jackie might just target him if he grew stronger in the future. That would really be a loss.

It was obvious the Second Elder shared the same thought as well. After all, there was bad blood between Jackie and himself. If Jackie grew in power, his position would surely be affected in the future.

Furthermore, Jackie definitely had some secrets to show such skill and potential. If he wanted to protect Jackie, the pressure hE would need to withstand was one thing but the other problem was whether or not Jackie would be an issue in the future When the Second Elder thought of that, he shut his mouth, deciding to leave the decision on the First Elder. If the First Elder wanted to protect Jackie, then he would do so as well.

If the First Elder wanted to throw Jackie away, then he would not argue.

When Elder Godfrey looked at their faces, he had an inkling of what would ensue.

Those two sly men actually considered surrendering Jackie! Putting everything else aside, Jackie was a disciple from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. If his own First and Second Elder were not going to protect him, then who would?!

Elder Godfrey trembled in anger, wanting to scold them at that moment. Jackie reached out a hand to stop him, and Elder Godfrey looked at Jackie helplessly.

He did not know what to say at that moment. He felt like Jackie was in a very pitiful and helpless situation.

Jackie shook his head at Elder Godfrey, not wanting Elder Godfrey to say anything at that moment.

Skylar laughed coldly. “This kid’s talent and skills aren’t bad. He’s someone worth cultivating. However, Elder Zayne, don’t forget that he’s not a disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. If this brat grows up, he’ll definitely lead the Dual Sovereign Pavilion into becoming a fourth-grade clan. When the time comes, there will be two fourth grade clans in the north,”

Those words had another meaning behind them, and Zayne suddenly had a sour look on his face. He had managed to maintain his calm before, but it had completely disappeared at that moment

Skylar was right. If Jackie was allowed to grow, it would not be a good thing for the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. There were very limited resources in West Cercie State, and the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had taken up most of it as a fourth-grade clan.

If the Dual Sovereign Pavilion also became a fourth-grade clan, they would definitely fight against the Thousand Leaves Pavilion to gain those resources. With Jackie at the helm at that time, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would not have an easy time.

Thinking about that, Zayne’s gaze at Jackie turned cold. He had even started to view Jackie as an enemy The First Elder let out a long sigh, turning to look at Jackie.

“Jackie, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. You killed their best disciple. No matter how you look at it, it’s the wrong thing to do. Since you killed someone, you have to pay the price. Skylar is still the First Elder of the Corpse Pavilion, however, and he won’t make you suffer too much.”


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