No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2368

Nelson shook his head slightly as he looked at Jackie helplessly. Jackie was already pushed to a precarious situation.

Jackie would have to hand over the Scarlet Case if he wanted to live. It seemed like the Scarlet Case was incredibly valuable.

“I don’t know what’ll happen to Jackie, but since he killed Royce, the Corpse Pavilion won’t want to let him off. Still, as long as Jackie is smart, he should be fine!”

The moment he said that, Skylar was already heading toward Jackie. However, as he rushed over, Zayne and the others did as well, standing before him.

They were, of course, not willing to have the Scarlet Case fall into the hands of those people.

Skylar let out a cold laugh. “Quit pretending to be some righteous person, Zayne. With the Scarlet Case in this brat’s hands, you’re just protecting the case, not him.”

Zayne let out a small laugh, brushing those words aside. “The Scarlet Case is Jackie’s, and he can give it to whoever he wants. Your disciples weren’t able to get the Scarlet Case, so there’s already no reason to cry about it.”

Skylar squinted at this, already ripping Zayne to a thousand pieces in his mind. He took a deep breath as he looked right at Jackie. The brat truly did have some skill. Furthermore, he had beaten a late- stage innate level while being at the intermediate stage, and no regular late stage either.

Jackie would definitely grow to be a dreadful opponent against the Corpse Pavilion if he was to be spared. On top of that, Jackie had killed their very best disciple, so how could he not hate Jackie?

“Setting the Scarlet Case aside, this brat has to die. Don’t thinkI don’t know. Even if this brat doesn’t give you the Scarlet Case, you’ll think of all sorts of ways to get it back. Since that’s the case, why are you standing on his side? Just kill the child and be done with it!” boomed Skylar.

It was obvious that Skylar hated Jackie to the core.

Zayne raised an eyebrow-he had to admit that Skylar was right.

However, there were some things where he could not be too ruthless. After all, Jackie was not a disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, but the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. With that child’s skill and potential, he would definitely be greatly favored after returning to the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

If he made a move against Jackie at that moment, the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s Elders would interfere. It would greatly damage their reputation, since they were still in the same camp no matter what.

Skylar coughed lightly, raising an eyebrow as he said, “Stop trying to stir things up. What happens in the future is the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s problem.”

Meanwhile, Jackie inwardly chuckled. Both Zayne and Skylar were two peculiar individuals, no doubt. Zayne might look like he was on Jackie’s side, but his words were shameless. Saying that Jackie should give the Scarlet Case to whoever he wanted seemed to imply that Jackie would be at fault if he did not give it to someone!

“Hand this brat to me!” snapped Skylar, his eyes blown wide open. “Other than the Scarlet Case, we don’t want anything else! You know that this trip isn’t just for the Scarlet Case, too. If you hand that brat to me, then other than fairly fighting over the Case, we don’t want anything else.”

Those words caused Zayne’s face to stiffen with sudden indecision. Skylar was right; they were not just after the Scarlet Case. There was still the medicinal garden within the Hidden Place for Resources, and that place would definitely have many treasures.

If those disgusting people did not interfere, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would greatly benefit.

Thinking about that, he let out a forced Smile as he looked at the elders from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

The First Elder and the others immediately knew what Zayne wanted to do when they saw Zayne’s face.

The First Elder was incredibly frustrated. He did not like Jackie, but with Jackie’s potential and skill, Jackie would definitely be a pillar to the Dual Sovereign Clan in the future if they put the proper resources into him.


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