No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2367

Royce was able to enter the Hidden Place for Resources thanks to consuming pills to suppress his power. Royce was no regular person on the innate stage.

Even a chosen disciple from another fourth-grade clan like Graham would not stand a chance against Royce. A large reason why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had so many issues was that Royce was in the Corpse Pavilion.

Furthermore, they knew that Corpse Pavilion had a pill that was able to suppress one’s strength. Thus, obtaining the Scarlet Case would require someone incredibly strong to enter the Hidden Place for Resources.

That was why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had been in such a bind. Not only did they reveal the information, but they had even given participation badges out.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Are you really that strong? You killed Royce?!” Elder Sayer almost bit his tongue. He did not believe that Jackie was that strong; they had seen Jackie fight before Even though Jackie had won a few battles, he was still a far cry from someone like Royce. If Royce wanted to defeat Wesley, it would probably take less than a single strike!

Elder Godfrey inhaled deeply. “What exactly happened?!”

As Elder Godfrey was saying that, Skylar shouted the same thing to the disciples from his clan, making them recount everything that had happened the past few days.

Even though those disciples had all been scared witless by Skylar, they still stammered out everything that had happened in the past few days in detail.

When Skylar listened to everything, fury overtook his expression. “That Jackie is so talented? He’s able to defeat someone at the late stage of the innate level when he’s just at the intermediate? Seems like there’s more to him than meets the eye, then!

“That means the Scarlet Case must already be in his hands! Where is Jackie?! Come out right now!”

When Skylar said that, everyone pointed at Jackie’s location. Skylar turned to look at Jackie, who was behind Elder Godfrey.

Even though Elder Godfrey was blocking half of Jackie’s body, he still saw Jackie’s face. “What are you hiding for?! Don’t think I’ll let you off just because you have talent and skill. Hand over the Scarlet Case immediately, or I’ll rip you apart!”

Jackie helplessly sighed; it seemed like things still reached this stage at this point. Zayne slowly turned around, looking at Jackie with disbelief.

He had thought that the Scarlet Case would at least fall into Graham’s hands if Royce did not get it. They would never have thought that the Scarlet Case would fall into an elder disciple from a third- grade clan in the end. It was unbelievable.

They had never even heard of that name before!

Zayne let out a small laugh as he narrowed his eyes, walking toward Jackie’s location.

He warmly greeted, “Jackie, is it? Don’t worry, with the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s Elders here, the Corpse Pavilion won’t be able to do anything to you.”

His words seemed to be telling Jackie that the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would protect him. However, Jackie was not an ignorant child; they were merely protecting the Scarlet Case.

Once they brought him out of this place, they would still ask him to hand over the Scarlet Case. If he did not, he would die anyway!

Alas, it was still not the best time for him to retaliate. All he could do was nod. Isaiah whispered to Nelson, “What’s the Scarlet Case? Could Jackie be…”


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