No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2366

Nonetheless, they could not say anything at that moment. After all, no one was focused on Jackie.

Elder Godfrey was taken aback when he realized Jackie had sneaked up behind him. Did something happen?

“Did something happen?” whispered Elder Godfrey.

Jackie, knowing he could not evade this, nodded at the elder. “No need to ask for now. You’ll find out in a moment.”

When he heard Jackie say that, Elder Godfrey was even more confused, but he did not persist on the matter. Lennon’s breath was slowly getting more erratic with his collar being grabbed in such a manner.

He felt like Skylar might actually kill him on the spot if he did not make things clear, so he pointed at the peak of the Divine Void Slope.

“The final battle was one between the two strongest among us. Royce couldn’t stand up to Jackie, and Jackie killed him in one blow.” Lennon used the most abbreviated version of everything that had happened.

However, the others were confused when they heard this. Royce had been killed in one blow, and it was nowhere random, either, the place being the peak of the Divine Void Slope. All the elders had already ascertained the rules before they got there.

Naturally, they knew that climbing to the top of the Divine Void Slope was an incredibly perilous road. There were countless obstacles, and only the two strongest could stand at the top for a final battle.

It was nothing peculiar to hear Royce having reached the peak. It was only natural, seeing as he was definitely at the helm of all the disciples there. All that and even with his impressive skills, however.. he had lost and, what more, killed in one strike!

Losing and being killed were two different matters. Being able to kill the other party required one to be much stronger! “Who is Jackie?” Skylar shouted.

Why had he never heard of that name before? Skylar swept a glance across the northern clans’ disciples and assessed them.

The strongest among them, other than Graham, would be Benjamin. He had never heard of the name Jackie. Other than the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s elders, the other elders were confused as well.

The First Elder widened his eyes as he turned back to look at Jackie, who, at that moment, hung his head low and kept mum.

The Second Elder was just as shocked. The two elders would never have expected that Jackie was actually the one who faced off against Royce and killed his opponent.

Even though they felt like Jackie was capable and talented, it was nowhere earth -shaking. No matter how strong he was, they would never have expected him to defeat a chosen disciple from a fourth- grade clan!The elder pointed at Jackie. “It’s you?”

Nonetheless, he had deliberately whispered those words.

Jackie let out a sigh; there was no point in keeping it a secret anymore. No matter how long Jackie wanted to hide it, he would not have such a chance.

With that, Jackie nodded. “I was the one who killed Royce.”

The people were shocked to have heard this, never once expecting that Jackie would be this formidable. If they had not heard it for themselves, the First and Second Elders would not have believed him.

In truth, they still had their doubts. After all, no matter how strong Jackie was, he was still just at the intermediate stage of the innate level. They were certain that much, despite not knowing other details.


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