No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2365

The moment Skylar said that the First Elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had a sour look on his face. He had already noticed before that only six or seven were left from the fifty they had sent.

Even though Graham was still alive, the ones who were not present were among the elites as well. If anything had really happened to them, it would still be a big blow to the clan.

Skylar looked at the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder coldly. “It looks like something must have happened. You’re right, Royce is incredibly strong. Even if something happened to everyone else, nothing would have happened to him.

“However, he might be strong while the others are not close. The fact that they’re not here might mean that something did happen to them. Don’t you think so, Elder Zayne?”

Zayne was the name of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder. The only reason why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and the Corpse Pavilion had been at peace for so long was that Mount Beasts was between the two clans.

If not for Mount Beasts, the two clans would definitely have been at incredible odds with each other.

With what the Corpse Pavilion had done, it was obvious that the two clans did not hold any good feelings toward one another.

As the First Elders of the two clans, they might look like they were on good terms on the surface, but they were naturally at odds with each other.

The way Zayne looked at Skylar, it was as though he wanted to eat the man alive.

Skylar felt like there was no reason to continue quarreling. After all, they had yet to determine who had died and who had not, as well as where the Scarlet Case was!

In the eyes of those elders, the Scarlet Case would naturally be in the hands of the strongest disciple. Skylar naturally thought that the strongest one was definitely Royce, but there was no sight of him.

“What exactly happened? Lennon, give me a clear explanation. Stop fidgeting around like this. Are you some girl who had never seen the world?”

Lennon shook even more after being scolded like that. He was naturally not weak and was just slightly behind Royce.

However, the Corpse Pavilion was different from other clans. Their clan was incredibly cutthroat, and there were a lot more deaths.

Lennon was incredibly terrified.

If he voiced out what had happened, Skylar would definitely pull him out! Yet, he knew that he would be punished if he did not tell them what had happened.

Thinking about that, he took a deep breath, and stood up straight as he said, “Royce is dead!”

The moment he said that all of the elders were stunned. In truth, they had already speculated on that result, but hearing it was still hard to accept.

Skylar’s body froze. The next second, he shot forward in front of Lennon. He grabbed Lennon’s collar with his hands. Skylar’s face was green. “He died? How Did he die? Who killed him? What exactly happened? Tell me everything, now!”

Lennon gulped. He turned and looked at Jackie. The moment Jackie saw his expression, Jackie knew that something was up. He knew that, if he did not do anything quickly, that crazed elder might just kill him the next second.

Hence, he looked up at Elder Godfrey. Ever since Elder Godfrey had entered the realm, his gaze had been on Jackie.

Jackie let out a sigh of relief and hurried over to Elder Godfrey. The First and Second Elder shot Jackie a cold look. They felt that Jackie was like a cat trying to hide and looked absolutely embarrassing!


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