No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2364

He seemed to be looking for someone. He stared as he looked at everyone present.

Yet, after looking everywhere, he did not find what he was looking for, and he suddenly got suspicious.

He frowned before he looked at Graham. Graham’s condition was not that great, it was obvious that Graham was recovering from a heavy injury.

The Corpse Pavilion’s First Elder’s frown deepened. “Where is he?”

The elder cast his gaze at Lennon. When Lennon heard that, he quickly paled as his hands trembled. At that moment, he was in an incredibly difficult spot.

If he told the First Elder that the masked man was dead, the First Elder might put the blame on him. If he did not speak, there was no way they could get past this.

He took a few deep breaths, his face already white as paper. His actions had made the elders all even more confused.

Naturally, those elders had no idea what had happened.

Both the northern and southern clan disciples all clearly knew who was the strongest person who had entered the Hidden Place for Resources. They knew who was potentially in danger, but it was absolutely not the masked man!

Yet, the way Lennon looked seemed like he had something to say, but did not dare to do so. It was obvious something had happened.

The Corpse Pavilion’s First Elder’s face was red, fuming with anger. ‘”What’s there to hide?! I’m asking you where he is?Why are you all here, but not him?!”

Those words from the First Elder were very obviously anxious, despite the fact that he told himself in his mind that the masked man would be the last person to have anything happen to him.

Yet, there seemed to be no trace of the masked man. On top of that, Lennon’s strange expression had the Corpse Pavilion’s First Elder’s heart in an incredibly frantic state!

Lennon had an even more sour look on his face after hearing those words. He looked like he had just ingested some poison. His face alternated between turning red and going pale, and he was shuddering even more fiercely.

The Corpse Pavilion’s First Elder raised his eyebrow. He looked at Graham but saw that Graham had a strange look on his face as well. To be more precise, everyone present had strange looks on their faces. It was as if what happened was impossible for them to talk about.

The Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder was quite intelligent. Even though he did not know what had happened, it was easy to deduce that it was not a good thing for Corpse Pavilion.

He let out a cold laugh and said, “Royce Charlton was the future pillar of your clan. Skylar, don’t panic, he will be fine, don’t you all think so?”

The tone had been incredibly condescending. Everyone had naturally managed to tell that the First Elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was trying to imply that something had definitely happened to Royce.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, unable to stop himself from looking at the First Elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. Only then did he find out that the masked man was called Royce and that the First Elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was called Skylar.

Skylar had a dark look on his face as he turned around abruptly and uttered, Stop being so condescending. Even though Royce isn’t here, just look at your own disciples. Other than those who are somewhat stronger, it doesn’t look like many are left.


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