No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2363

From their attire, Jackie could tell that they were from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.

They were definitely not anyone on the bottom of the totem pole either. He saw that Elder Godfrey was behind them, along with the First and Second Elder.

He more or less understood that they were probably the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s elders, and the ones standing behind them were probably from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and the Muddled Origin Clan

The elders of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had excited looks on their faces, not even able to contain their excitement. They excitedly looked at everyone there.

It was as if they wanted to read everyone’s minds! The northern clan disciples that were present all paid their respects to the elders, and the elders all nodded slightly.

The Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder excitedly smiled. “You’ve all done well. You did not disappoint, and managed to get the treasures.

After saying that, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder looked up at the divine Void Slope’s peak. The location was completely empty. All the glowing lights had disappeared.

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at all the disciples present. In the remaining hundred or so disciples, the most anxious among them were the southern clan disciples, as well as Jackie.

At that moment, Jackie finally understood what they were here for! The ‘Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First elder looked over at Graham. Graham looked quite pale at that moment, his body not being in a good state.

After all, he had suffered heavy injuries while battling the eight-tailed demonic snake. Even after recovering for a few days, he had not gotten much better

“You’re injured?” the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder asked Graham.

Graham had a bad expression on his face However, it was not all caused by the heavy injuries he had sustained. There were other complicated reasons as well.

Yet, he could not voice them out at that moment, and could only nod.

“I was injured by a demon during one of the stages.”

The Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s elder consoled, “That’s something you could not have avoided.”

After saying that, he looked over at the southern clan disciples. He was about to say something when the space cracked again.

Everyone’s expressions changed at the same time. Was there someone else coming? The elders from the northern clans had a bad look on their faces, as if they had felt something, but were unable to stop it!

Once the radiant light dispersed, Jackie once again saw ten unfamiliar faces. Only, even though he did not know those people, each of them was shrouded in sinister energy.

Jackie concluded that those were the elders from the southern clans. The one at the helm was definitely the Corpse Pavilion

The Corpse Pavilion’s First Elder laughed.

“I saw you mid-way, and I wanted to greet all of you. I can’t believe you ran so quickly.”

Those nonchalant words caused the First Elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion to have an incredibly sour look on like he had been angered. His face turned red as he coldly looked at the First Elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.

The Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s First Elder said, “I knew it would be difficult to get rid of you flees!”

When he said that, he sounded incredibly defeated. He had probably never expected to be followed into this realm by that group.

That had been the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s secret, but it had been discovered by the other group. Jackie sighed. Could the Corpse Pavilion’s higher -ups be any more foolish?

The Thousand Leaves Pavilion had done so many things for others at the expense of themselves, how could they not have some goal in mind? They were not there to do charity! The Corpse Pavilion’s First Elder did not seem to want to continue talking and cast his gaze elsewhere.


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