No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2362

Jackie let out a cold laugh. Even if he was not going to fight those southern clan disciples, he still had a problem to deal with first.

Griffin had constantly given him trouble. Jackie had tolerated it before, not because he was afraid of Griffin, but just because it did not feel like it was the right time. Yet, he no longer cared about that.

If he did not get rid of the masked man, Griffin might actually survive!

On the Divine Void Slope, he could not do anything because of the barriers. Without that restriction, Jackie naturally did not need to hold back.

He waved his right hand, and a black sword appeared. His left hand started to condense sixty Soul Swords.

Griffin seemed to have realized something was wrong, and he widened his eyes as he started to retreat rapidly.

Even though Jackie’s sword was not pointed at him, Griffin knew that Jackie’s target was definitely him.

“What are you doing? Don’t attack. I’m your senior. I’m your fellow disciple. If you harm your fellow disciple outside of the clan, it’s punishable!”

It would have been better if he had not said that. The moment he did, Isaiah let out a cold laugh, “You dare say something like that after you hurt so many of our fellow disciples. Don’t forget what you did before. You were the one who betrayed the clan! You even helped the enemies against us!

Griffin furiously shook his head as he backpedaled. Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, not wanting to waste his time speaking to that person.

Under everyone’s shocked looks, he surged forward. He activated the laws of space as he appeared in front of Griffin in a flash. Griffin trembled in fear, constantly retreating.

He would never have thought that he would end up in a situation like that. He still remembered how he looked at Jackie before they entered the Hidden Place for Resources.

Jackie had just been a slightly lucky elder disciple. There was no need to feel threatened by Jackie at all. However, he could not believe that the elder disciple had managed to climb all over him in just a few days!

Before, Jackie was merely just an ant in his eyes, and yet, he, himself had turned into an ant instead!

“Go ahead and die..” Jackie said coldly. At that moment, no one was willing to interfere. Everyone immediately gave the two the space to fight. When Griffin saw that everyone had dispersed, he was so furious that he almost shouted.

Just as Griffin thought that he was going to die in just one strike, cracks could suddenly be heard around them. Rays of bright lights were seen in the skies, and everyone looked up.

Ten figures suddenly appeared in the skies! All of them had different clothes on, and because the light around them was too dim, they could not tell who those people were.

“The restrictions are finally lifted! I thought I’d need to wait for a few more days, I can’t believe these new bunnies are actually quite good!”

“That’s right, I just wonder who managed to get their hands on the treasures.”

As they discussed, the light slowly dissipated. When everyone saw who they were, they widened their eyes as if they had seen something unbelievable.

Jackie immediately saw Elder Godfrey standing behind the First and Second Elder. When he saw that scene, Jackie finally relaxed.

No one else knew, but he had heard the old man say that anyone could enter the Hidden Place for Resources after the restrictions were lifted.

Coupled with what that group was saying, Jackie could more or less understand what was happening.

As long as someone ascended to the peak and obtained the treasures, the restrictions would naturally go away, and anyone would be able to enter the realm.

That was something the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had already planned, and the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was already waiting for that moment! Jackie did not recognize the few that stood in the front at all.


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