No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2361

Before he could even ask, the old man said his last sentence, “Transporter, start.” Right after that, Jackie’s vision started to blur. When he could see again, he was back on the peak of the Divine Void Slope.

At that moment, the Divine Void Slope looked the same as when he left. The masked man’s corpse was on the ground, and everyone was looking at Jackie with widened eyes!

Just as Jackie was mulling over the old man’s words, familiar energy surrounded his body. His whole body started to rapidly move under the energy’s control.

In just a flash, he arrived at the plaza they were on before he first climbed the Divine Void Slope.

The plaza was incredibly large. Even when there were over a hundred and eighty participants, it was not cramped at all, let alone after half of them had already died.

There were only about a hundred of them left, so their surroundings seemed incredibly vast. Everyone had returned to the plaza, except for those who had died.

Those that were left did not seem much different from before. Only that their mental state was far different from when they had first arrived.

The northern clan disciples were all full of despair and sorrow.

The southern clan disciples were not much better as well, especially when they saw that Jackie had been transferred down just like them.

They looked at Jackie with horrified expressions, and they slowly grouped together, staring at Jackie with alarm.

Jackie glanced at everyone. He naturally knew why they were looking at him like that. After all, they had worked together to kill at least sixty or seventy of the northern clan disciples before.

Those lives belonged to fellow disciples, and now the southern clan disciples were lacking an incredibly important person.

With the skills Jackie had, it was hard to tell who would win if they started fighting.

Their only advantage was in numbers, but the northern clan disciples still numbered over twenty. If they really fought, and Jackie decided to slaughter them, it was possible he would take away half their forces in one go.

In truth, it was normal for them to be scared. If not for the old man’s words constantly playing on Jackie’s mind, Jackie could very well have decided to finish up the enemy while they were weak and make them pay!

Nelson and Isaiah rushed to Jackie’s side with emotional looks on their faces. They had been incredibly close to rushing over and hugging Jackie tightly.

“Jackie, you’re so amazing. Even the masked man could not rival you! I’d thought that it would be a long drawn-up battle, but he was actually just a fraud! He couldn’t even stand up to one strike from you!”

Jackie looked at Isaiah and helplessly pursed his lips. Even though his skills were now proven to be at the top, Isaiah was not quite right. The masked man really was strong.

The masked man had been suppressing his powers. If the masked man had been at the peak of his power, Jackie might not have been able to win. Even if Jackie won, it would have been a hard-fought battle.

After all, the masked man would have been a whole realm higher than Jackie at the spring solidifying realm. It was not something that could be overcome easily!

At that moment, a familiar silhouette flashed in Jackie’s mind.

He looked up and saw that Griffin was looking at him with a terrified expression as if Jackie was some ghost.


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