No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2360

Jackie bowed to the old man, full of respect. He said sincerely, “Old man, could you tell me why this place was left behind? What was going on in that scene I had just witnessed?”

The old man did not turn around to look at Jackie, nor did he answer Jackie’s question directly. He merely replied plainly, “You’ll know in the future.”

Jackie’s lips twitched. At that moment, he really wanted to ask all the questions in his heart. However, he was worried that the old man would find it strange if he poured out everything just like that.

Then if the old man would suspect him, it might even cause him to lose everything. So, all he could do was temporarily hold back his curiosity.

The old man did not know what Jackie was thinking about. He merely continued to say, “The box in your hands still requires a key. The key is at the Wild Gorge Pass.

If you want to open the box, you have to head there. Then, I’ll send you off.”

Jackie raised his eyebrows. His heart was filled with even more confusion. What was the Scarlet Case? Where was the Wild Gorge Pass? There was still a key?

Those questions muddled in Jackie’s mind before he suddenly remembered something.

He recalled what the old voice had said when he was on the Divine Void Slope.

The old man said that the most valuable thing he had obtained was still locked in a box.

The box could not be opened at the moment, it still required a key. Was the Scarlet Case the most valuable box in the storage ring?

Just as he was about to ask if his thoughts were correct, the old man continued, “

Whether you can obtain the ring or not, you’ll still have to go. Don’t think or care about anything else. With your current abilities, knowing is useless. Once you open the Scarlet Case, you’ll know everything!”

Jackie was incredibly confused. Even though the old man had told him that he would know all the secrets after opening the box, Jackie still felt like something was wrong. How could he know if he would bring calamity onto himself by opening the Scarlet Case?

Would something else happen? Though the old man did not seem like an ordinary person, he could not be sure that the old man would not harm him, even though Jackie was probably insignificant to the man.

The old man continued, “Everything you saw earlier really did happen. As for what the two of them were talking about, you’ll find out the truth after you open the Scarlet Case.

“You don’t have to investigate at all. All those questions in your heart will be answered eventually.”

Jackie frowned. At that moment, he really wanted to say something. However, the old man’s words had completely stifled anything he could say.

He had been very clear. There was no point in knowing anything at that moment.

Even if he asked, the old man would probably not answer. All the questions at the back of his mind had been pushed back to after he opened the Scarlet Case.

Then, there would be no more secrets. He would get all the answers he wanted. Another sigh was heard. The old man finally turned around, and his eyes fell on Jackie.

He appraised Jackie, “You’re the most suitable one after so many years. You already have the thing, the restrictions of the realm will be opened!” Jackie was still just as confused as he was before. Yet, the old man’s last words made his heart jump.


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