No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2359

After saying that, the sound of explosions were suddenly heard from a distance. It was as if something had exploded. Jackie looked toward the direction of the sound and saw a bright glow! He could even vaguely hear cries of agony.

The white-clothed man was completely panicked. He turned around and shouted loudly, “How could you do this?” The black-clothed man’s smile disappeared and said with a cold and dark tone, “Why can’t I do this? Are you the only one who can plot and scheme against me?

Jackie was a little anxious, but mostly confused. He did not understand what had happened. Why was the black and white pair fighting? However, he could hear from their words that the black-clothed man was very ruthless, and had done various despicable things.

However, the white-clothed man was probably not a saint as well. Yet, without knowing the details of everything, he could not just pass judgment on the two of them. He merely 1looked on as the white- clothed man seemed like he had been fooled.

His entire face was full of anxiety as if he wanted to leave the place immediately.

Yet, he seemed to be worried about what would happen.

His eyes were full of uncertainty. After a while, the white-clothed man seemed to use all the strength in the body to say, “You’ll pay for this. You’ll absolutely pay for this!”

After that, the entire scene started to blur. Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he widened his eyes.

He wanted to see what happened after, but everything had become blurry. The stars around him had all turned black.

Just as Jackie was wondering what to do, a sigh could be heard next to him. The sigh had appeared far too suddenly, causing Jackie to turn his body abruptly.

He saw an old man wearing a traditional black shirt. He had a pair of wizened eyes, and was quietly looking forward. When Jackie saw him, he wondered if he was still in an illusion.

At that moment, the old man suddenly said, “Do you have a lot of questions?”

After the old man said that, Jackie was stunned. It was not because of the question, but because Jackie was incredibly familiar with the old man’s voice.

He had heard the same voice countless times before.

That old man was the wizened old voice that he had constantly been looking for.

He never expected the man to appear in front of him like that.

The old man did not look at Jackie, but instead merely continued looking forward.

Yet, when Jackie followed his gaze, there was nothing other than pitch-black darkness.

The old man sighed again. “There were far too many regrets left behind back then. If not for those regrets, this hidden realm would never have appeared.”

Hearing that, Jackie’s heart skipped a few beats. He was unable to determine if the old man was some lingering spirit of a great warrior or something else.

However, he knew very well that, no matter what the old man was, the old man was definitely closely related to the Hidden Place for Resources. Ever since he stepped into the realm, he had been wondering who the owner of the realm was.

Why did that person leave this place in West Cercie State? What did the Ten Absolutes Trap Array in Mount Beast have to do with this place? Were they both tied to the Divine Void Slop as well?

Those questions constantly appeared in Jackie’s mind. However, due to his special status, as well as the fact that those from West Cercie State did not know about the Divine Void World at all, he could only keep all those questions at the back of his heart.

The old man’s words had caused Jackie to be filled with hope despite his nervousness. He hoped that he could find out what had happened back then from the old man.


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