No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2358

Where was he? Was this a fantasy? Does this place have anything to do with the Hidden Place For Resources? The questions in his mind popped up one after another, but no one was there to answer them!

The two of them stopped about a hundred meters apart. Jackie could not see what the black-armored man looked like due to how much armor he had on, but the white -clothed man was not entirely covered up. Yet, the man’s face was still blurred, as if a layer of mist was around him. Obscuring his face completely.

Who were those two people? Why were are they there? Why was he looking at all of that?

At that moment, the white-clothed man said, “You’re not only cruel, but you’re also despicable as well! All the success you have today is all because of your mentor”

The black-armored man let out a cold smile them uttered, “I hate false and pretentious people like you the most. If you were in my shoes, you would probably be worse! Quit talking as if you’re the most righteous person in the world.” The man in the white clothes snorted, “

Indeed, it’s a waste of time to even talk to you!”

The black-clothed man let out a cold smile as he looked at the white- clothed man with disdain and said, “You’re still the same. You always regard others with so much disdain.

“You act as if you stand on the peak of morality, as if you’re the most righteous person, and everyone else is beneath you!” The white-clothed man looked furious and refuted, “Quit with your nonsense. I don’t know what you’re thinking to say all of that about me. Are you saying I’ve framed you?

“Why don’t you think about all of the things that you’ve done? Which one of them isn’t shameless and despicable act? This is what everyone thinks of you!”

The black clothed man snorted, holding his head up high. “Why do I care what you all think of me? What does the kind of person I am, have to do with all of you?

The white clothed man waved his right hand, and a golden sword appeared in his hand. “You’re so stubborn. I’d thought that you would have some regrets after going through that incident. I can’t believe you actually got worse. You’re now completely a dark person!”

The black-clothed man spat at him. ” Let’s quit with all that fake righteousness? Regret? Getting worse?

“All that I’ve done is so I can live a proper life. If you were me, you would have done far worse!”

The black-clothed man narrowed his eyes. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do. For you to suddenly ask me here, it must be for that Zechs person!'”

The moment those words were uttered, the white -clothed man’s cold face was suddenly frozen. It was as if something important had been touched upon.

However, he quickly composed himself and said, “What do you mean I don’t understand you?”

The black clothed man rolled his eyes, “do you think I still don’t understand you? I’ve long since seen through all your plans! You won’t succeed as I’ve already made preparations!”

At that moment, the white-clothed man could no longer remain calm as he shouted, “What did you do?!”

The black-clothed man laughed as if it was the happiest thing to ever happen to him, “There’s no point in panicking now. It’s already too late, everything’s over!”


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