No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2357

He did not finish the sentence, but Everyone knew what he wanted to say. Benjamin took a deep breath, his eyes were filled with shock.

“I can’t believe he is so strong. It looks like Jackie’s technique was at a higher level than the top disciple from the Corpse Pavilion! It might even be a whole realm higher”

Yet, Jackie was clearly just at the intermediate stage of the innate realm.

With such little power, how was he able to use an ultimate god technique? That was far too absurd!

Everyone understood that, if that was not the case, there was no way to explain everything they had seen. After all, the masked man had definitely not underestimated his opponent.

He had used his strongest technique, but still failed in the end. That proved that the technique Jackie had used was far above the masked man’s Evil Blood Thunder.

At that moment, Jackie did not even need to turn back to feel everyone’s gaze on him.

Other than shock, they were filled with confusion. He looked away from the masked man’s body.

With the man already dead, there was no need to dwell on their past. He looked to the Divine Void Slope, and the glowing treasures within!

Just as he was considering how he would obtain those glowing treasures, they started to rapidly move toward the center! The glowing objects were all absorbed into a purple-colored storage ring! That the dark purple ring had a very old design.

The patterns on it were all of the things that Jackie did not understand.

After a short moment, the ring floated in front of Jackie!

Jackie reached out, and the ring slowly fell into his palm. Everyone had seen that sight, and they were quickly pulled out of their disbelief.

Even though they clearly knew that those things did not belong to them, they could not hold back their jealousy. After all, those things that were stored within could compete with the most valuable treasures within their clans.

“It’s yours.” The old voice was heard again.

Jackie widened his eyes, trying to find out where that old voice came from. Yet, he still could not after looking for so long. The old voice continued, “Those treasured are all not as important as what’s stored in a Jade box. The box is locked. In order to find the key, you’ll have to go somewhere else…

Hearing that, Jackie was stunned. Before he could ask where that place was, a gust of wind blew on his back, and everything around him changed the next second.

It turned into a limitless sea of stars. Everything floating around him was stars of varying sizes. He heard the voices of soldiers as if they were fighting a massive battle.

Jackie could not help and turned around to look, but could not see anything. He was shocked. To fight among the stars, with a whole group at that. Who had that kind of power?

Just as he was filled with curiosity, he saw a man in a white shirt in the distance pulling out a sword, rushing rapidly toward him! A gust blew from behind him and Jackie turned back to look.

He noticed that someone was rushing at him from that direction as well. However, The one behind him had black armor on. The man’s entire body was covered, even his hands were covered in what looked like leather gloves.


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