No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2356

After intensely coughing, his face was pale as paper. The blood on his mouth was already flowing uncontrollably. “I’m already almost dead. Can you tell me who you are before I die? How are you able to use an ultimate god level technique?” The the masked man used the last of his strength to say.

Jackie took a deep breath.

There had been some things that he had planned on keeping to himself until death, not saying it is forever.

However, the masked man was right. He was already about to die, there there was nothing he could do.

Jackie let out a small laugh, whispering so only the two of them could hear, “You’re right. I did use an ultimate god level technique. It’s not any normal one either, it’s a top-tier one!”

The moment he said that the masked man widened his eyes as if he had just been slapped. He looked at Jackie in disbelief. He was right! Jackie was really using an ultimate god level technique.

Why? Why was he able to learn something like that? Jackie was only someone at the middle level of the innate stage. When he was at his peak, he would never have even spared a glance at someone like that.

“Who are you?!” The masked man said as he shuddered.

Jackie laughed lightly as he pulled back his right hand. With a squish, the sword that was stuck on the masked man’s chest was pulled out easily.

As the masked man’s whole body convulsed in pain, Jackie pushed forward again. The black sword pierced into the masked man’s body again. This time, The masked man was in so much agony that he could not even shout!

“Sorry, you’re not worthy of knowing who I am.” That was the last thing the a masked man heard.

The next second, the masked man felt an intense pain in his chest again, and he shut his eyes for the last time! With a plop, the masked man’s body fell to the ground. Jackie’s grudge against him was settled there and then!

The scene had been far too shocking. No one had even been able to react to the death of the top disciple from the Corpse Pavilion! He had been killed by that nameless Jackie.

He died in the hands of an elder disciple from a third-grade clan.

If the news spread out, anyone would probably treat it as a joke, and not believe it!

This time, both the northern clan and southern clan disciples let out a breath of cold air. Their eyes widened as they looked at the peak of the Divine Void Slope in disbelief.

It had been far out of their expectations. How could it have happened so quickly? When the battle started, they had been blocked by the blood-red lightning. When they could see clearly again, the masked man’s chest had already been pierced by Jackie!

After a few breaths, the prodigy was thoroughly dead.

“He died just like that? The top disciple of Corpse Pavilion died just like that?!” Hayden widened his eyes, practically shouting those words.

It was far too unbelievable. After all, everything had happened far too quickly.

He did not have the chance to process it at all If it had been a drawn out fight, and the masked man slowly fell into more and more of a disadvantage before dying, they might have been able to accept it.

However, the masked man had died far too quickly. The time between him losing and dying had been far too short, leaving then no time to react!

Everyone had the same reaction. Samson frowned as he looked around in disbelief. “Am I imagining things?! He’s the top disciple of the Corpse Pavilion, someone who’s mastered a middle stage earth level technique! How did he lose so quickly, and even lose to”


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