No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2355

Thinking about that caused Graham to feel like he was being weighed down by many large rocks! At that moment, a cry came out from within the lightning!

Due to the loudness of the clash, no one could tell who that cry was from. Just ass everyone got incredibly anxious, the lightning that had dispersed throughout the battlefield had slowly began to weaken.

Two people stood in the middle of the peak of the Divine Void Slope. One stood to the west and one stood to the east. The one on the west had a sword in hand, which had pierced through the eastern one’s chest! The one standing in the east was still holding the Purple Thunder Rings.

Everyone’s jaws dropped at the scene. Even the masked man looked at Jackie who was in front of him with an expression of disbelief!

Blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. The face behind the mask had long since been covered with shock. ‘

Why? I actually couldn’t beat you! Who are you? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

“The Evil Blood Thunder is a middle-tier earth-level technique! What kind of skill are you training? It actually broke Evil Blood Thunder and pierce into my chest!” After the battle started, Jackie actually used two strikes. The first strike had broken through Evil Blood Thunder, while the second strike was right into the masked man’s chest!

After all, it was an ultimate god level technique. What was Evil Blood Thunder in front of Destroying the Void?

However, the masked man did not know any of that. At that moment, the masked man’s whole body was twitching in pain. After all, Destroying the Void had destroyed his soul, that pain was not something a regular person would be able to withstand.

He was also filled with shock at the result. He could not imagine what kind of technique Jackie had used, and what kind of power it had! Even Evil Blood Thunder and what kind of person was not able to stand against it!

Jackie laughed coldly, and sighed somewhat helplessly. At that moment, his whole body was trembling slightly. Wave after wave of numbness wrecked his nerves.

Even though he had slashed past Evil Blood Thunder, he was still hit with the aftermath. Countless tiny bolts of electricity had penetrated his defense, seeping into his body.

Thankfully, the electricity was merely the ripples of a skill. It would not cause any real harm to Jackie.

“Why should I tell you?” Jackie said with a cold smile.

The masked man’s whole body was shaking. In truth, he knew that he was definitely dead. Jackie’s technique was incredibly sinister, and it was destroying and strangling his soul. He was already in too much pain to fight back.

He just wanted to know the truth. After meeting Jackie, he had never been able to pull one up on Jackie. It was as if Jackie was filled with secrets, no matter on Mount Beasts or where they were at at that moment.

“Who are you? Why are you so strong?! Do you have an ultimate god level technique?” The masked man widened his eyes.

He did not wait for Jackie to answer. He coughed intensely before saying, “That’s it! It has to be that. Otherwise, it would not beat my Evil Blood Thunder so badly.

“I didn’t even have the chance to fight back! However, you’re just at the middle- stage of the innate level, how could you have such a skill? You have to be the top master in the whole continent!” After He no longer had much strength left.


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