No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2354

Before, Jackie thought that it was at least an ultimate god realm skill.

After mulling over it further, he determined it was at the upper-tier ultimate god level! An upper-tier ultimate god level skill against an earth rank skill. And Jackie was already at the perfection stage of the skill!

His skill was already one whole realm higher, and it was a stage higher too! Even though Jackie’s strength was not equal to the masked man, the skill Jackie used was so much stronger than the one the masked man was using! Comparing it in those ways, Jackie was not afraid of the masked man at all!

He coldly snorted as he raised his sword with both his hands. Aiming at the incoming lightning, he slashed out! Everyone heard the attacks clashing as the space was covered with the light from the blood-red lightning!

The lightning split up, and constantly danced on the peak of the Divine Void Slope! It actually looked incredibly beautiful however, even with the colorful dancing Iightning, no one bothered to look at it.

All of them were focused on whether or not Jackie could block the attack! Benjamin could not help but say, “A middle-tier earth skil.. and it’s already at the proficient level! It’s only one stage away from perfection! He would absolutely be the strongest, no matter what clan he’s in!

“Even the strongest disciple from our clan would not be able to compete with the masked man. I wonder if Jackie would be able to stand this…”

At that moment, all that could be seen in the Divine Void Slope was blood-red lightning. The two of them were enveloped within, and the glow was so bright that nothing could be seen. All they could do was listen to the sound of crackings!

Everyone was incredibly anxious. After Zamian heard Benjamin’s words, he loudly shouted, “He’ll definitely beat that brat! Have you not heard him say that he has a middle-tier earth technique That was the level of skill that he longed for.

If he managed to master such a technique, he would stand at the top of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples! Nelson shrugged helplessly. At that moment, he had already lost all hope. However, he still said with a resolved tone, “I have faith in Jackie.”

Graham stopped at where he was. Just like everyone below him, he had complicated feelings in his heart as he looked up at the Divine Void Slope.

On one hand, he hoped that Jackie would win. At least that would relieve his burdens. On the other hand, he did not want Jackie to have that level of talent and skill. If Jackie won, it would prove that Jackie was the strongest.

Even the top disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would not be able to compete against Jackie, let alone himself. If Jackie really won, it meant that Jackie could truly stand at the top.


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