No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2353

Even Jackie was being enveloped by the purple and red glows. The masked man was already at full force at that moment.”

I don’t want to spend too much time on you! I’ll kill you with this one strike!”

As he said that, he constantly formed seals. Lightning constantly poured into the Purple Thunder Ring!

“I won’t hide anything from you. I’ll let you die with a clear understanding! The Evil Blood Thunder that I’m training on is a middle-tier Earth rank technique!

Furthermore, I’m already at the proficient level! I’m just barely short of perfection!” Jackie raised an eyebrow after hearing that.

He did not have much of a reaction to it, since it was more or less what he had expected. He had already speculated on the masked man’s level before.

After hypothesizing, he had ascertained that the masked man was definitely incredibly strong since he had already been in the spring solidifying realm. The masked man definitely stood at the top among everyone there.

Yet, no matter what, his skills and abilities were still restricted. There was no way the masked man could not possibly have cultivated any upper-level Earth rank skills.

However, there was still something that Jackie was surprised by, Jackie had thought that the masked man’s technique was at the middle-tier Earth rank, but the masked man should have already reached the second level of perfection.

The masked man would absolutely not lie or hide his true skills at a time like that, so it seemed like the masked man really did stop at the first stage.

Even though the second stage was not to far away from the first, after absorbing those memories, Jackie knew very well that it was no easy feat to reach the second stage from the first.

The only reason Jackie did not have any barriers in doing that was that he had absorbed the memories of the great master. To Jackie, there were no bottlenecks in Destroying the Void. He already understood everything, and merely lacked the time and spiritual never lacked energy.

He was different from the rest! Jackie estimated in his heart that if the masked man managed to survive, it would take him at least one or two years to pass that stage!

Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but let out a cold laugh. The masked man had a deathly stare on Jackie.

The masked man had thought that his words would shake Jackie. At the very least, he wanted to let Jackie know that he was no ordinary person that could be casually dealt with.

Yet, Jackie actually managed to laugh. To the masked man, it was a slap to the face. He felt humiliated.

The masked man was so angry his entire body was shaking. He looked like a balloon on the brink of exploding.

“You’re looking for death!” The masked man shouted angrily.

He surged forward, and he flew up in the air. His hands constantly danced around as lines of red lightning surged around him. At that moment, the Purple Thunder Ring had already gathered enough energy. It was so bright that no one could even look at it!

All they heard was crackling, and countless strands of electricity formed into attacks, heading straight for Jackie. Jackie let out a small laugh, having already been prepared. He clutched the black sword tightly on his right hand. Sixty Soul Swords formed into a huge spiritual blade and merged with the black sword!

Jackie had already entered the second stage of Destroying the Void! Before, he was not able to determine what level of skill Destroying the Void was due to lack of information.

Based on the various skills and powers in this world, he was already able to estimate what rank Destroying the Void was at!


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