No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2352

It was not until Jackie revealed his true skills for the masked man to realize that Jackie was almost at his level!

However, the more he thought about it, the more confused and frustrated he felt That was why the masked man had to ask.

It was not just the masked man who was confused, all those who were present then also looked at Jackie with curious looks.

Jackie’s lips twitched as he touched his nose helplessly. Back then he had only been able to condense fifteen Soul Swords! He was truly running for his life because it was impossible for him to fight the masked man then.

Yet, it was something he was not able to explain, so he was forced to make up something

“It wasn’t the right place to fight!”

Those words caused everyone to pause. A thoughtful look flashed in the masked man’s eyes. What did he meant by it was not the right place Did the location really matter?

“What do you mean?”

Jackie let out a slight cough. A single lie would set off many more lies to cover it up.

He continued with some exasperation,” There’s no other meaning to that. It means exactly what I said. I don’t want to waste any more time, are we fighting?”

Those words successfully ignited the anger within the masked man. He let out a cold laugh as he raised his hands. The Purple Thunder Rings were suddenly covered in purple light.

After that, the crackle of lightning could be heard. The Purple Thunder Rings were like a monster that had been stirred awake as they radiated the lightning into the skies!

The masked man let out a small shout. Blood red flashes of lightning started to form between his fingers. Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at the masked man with incredibly heavy expressions.

The person with the most complicated feelings in his heart was the traitor, Griffin.

Griffin took in a deep breath, praying in his heart that the masked man would kill the person he hated the most. As long as Jackie died, nothing would happen to him in the future.

All he needed to do was deal with Nelson and Isaiah in secret, and he would be able to return to the Dual Sovereign Pavilion in peace.

Griffin was no idiot. He knew very well that he had betrayed his clan. However, it would definitely end up badly for him if he followed the masked man back to the Corpse Pavilion.

After all, the skills and techniques he was trained in were far too different from those from the Corpse Pavilion. Even if the other clans went back and spread the news, he would be able to cover it up with some lies.

After all, he had the elders behind him. As long as no one from his own clan did anything to him, he would not be in danger!

Thinking about that, he could not help but shout, “He has to die! He absolutely has to diel”

Even though he shouted very loudly, it did not attract any attention from those around him.

It was not that no one heard him, but rather that everyone’s thoughts were all on the Divine Void Slope at that moment.

Jackie took a deep breath, putting all his focus on the Purple Thunder Rings. The purple lightning seemed to be mingling with the colored lightning.

The Purple Thunder Ring seemed to be a pure source of lightning birthed by nature at that moment! The crackling sound filled his ears, and the light from the Purple Thunder Rings illuminated the whole Divine Void Slope.


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