No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2351

Everyone was stunned at those words.

The masked man saying he wanted to kill Jackie might not have elicited much of a reaction, but Jackie saying that he wanted to kill the masked man as well had definitely shocked everyone.

After all, Jackie seemed to be behind the masked man in every way, but when he said those words, his tone was incredibly calm, and there were no emotions on his face.

The fact that he behaved like that meant the words he said was not for the sake of honor, but really because he did want to kill the masked man!

Graham took a deep breath and said, “It’s time the two of you stop bickering.”

He no longer wanted to listen to the two of them talk.

After all, it felt like he was not on their level when they did so.

Just as Graham finished his sentence, the old voice was heard again, “Will the two who have passed please ascend to the peak!”

The moment he said that, everyone took a deep breath.

It was finally time! They would see who was stronger among the two masters at the peak.

Whether or not Jackie could create a miracle again, and whether or not the masked man could deal with Jackie.

Jackie did not bother seeing how shocked everyone was, nor did he bother looking at how furious the masked man was.

He calmly walked toward the peak of the Divine Void Slope.

There were countless rays of light on the Divine Void Slope.

The glows had treasure after treasure within them.

If he had won the battle, then all of it would be his.

Possibly intentional, the glow had obscured everyone’s visions.

They did not know what kind of treasures were hidden behind the lights.

However, that had actually arouse their interest even more.

They might covet those treasures, but they had already lost. All they could do was look at Jackie and the masked man’s backs with jealous gazes.

The two of them finally reached the peak of the Divine Void slope.

They looked around.

Those treasures shrouded in the lights dispersed far away, giving them more than enough space to fight it out.

The masked man narrowed his eyes, retrieving a purple ring from his storage space.

Looking at it closely, there were flashes of lightning within the ring.

That was the masked man’s main weapon, the Purple Thunder Rings.

The masked man was so skillful in using the Purple Thunder Rings that it was not just the southern disciples, even the northern disciples knew that the Corpse Pavilion’s strongest disciple’s main weapon was called the Purple Thunder Rings.

Of course, Jackie was not included among them. After all, Jackie had only arrived in Hestia Continent not too long ago, not even one year in total.

He had just started to understand the rules and common sense of the world. Hence, he did not know much about things like that. However, despite the fact that he did not know, Jackie could still tell that the Purple Thunder Rings was very compatible with the masked man.

With the Purple Thunder Rings, the masked man was much stronger. However, Jackie had already expected that the masked man would absolutely fight him at his strongest state!

At that moment, the masked man suddenly asked, “I’m very curious. Before you came to the Divine Void Slope, why did you run?”

Those words had Jackie stumped. In his mind, the masked man’s pursuit of him before he encountered the nine-clawed python flashed.

If he was the masked man, he would have been curious as well. After all, if he was so strong, he would have fought the masked man back then. Why did he constantly flee? It looked like he had no confidence in beating the man.

He probably would never have dared to fight the masked man! That impression had been too strong, which was why the masked man had never bothered with Jackie before.


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