No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2350

“He’s still much stronger than any regular person in the late stage of the innate level. He might have been injured before, but that does not mean his skills were weaker than Jackies.

“You aren’t blind. You should have been able to tell that Jackie being able to easily defeat the eight-tailed demonic snake with minimal injuries was just because Jackie saw through the eight-tailed snake’s weakness.

“If the masked man knew the eight-tailed snake’s weakness as well, he definitely would not be injured at all. Jackie’s just lucky, you shouldn’t doubt the masked man’s skills, he’ll definitely beat Jackie!”

Those last words had practically been yelled out by Zamian with all his might. He wanted to use those words to prove that the masked man would not lose!

The northern clan disciples all had changes in their expressions. If what Zamian said was right, then Jackie would not be able to beat the masked man.

After all, the masked man was once at the spring solidifying realm. The skills he trained in were much less limited than theirs.

The realm was the greatest restriction to the martial skills one could learn. Only those at high realms could train in high- level techniques as well as improve their skills to even higher levels. That was something everyone knew.

It was just that no one knew what techniques and skills the masked man had already knew, and to what level they had been trained to.

If it was strong, then Jackie would be in trouble! However, the northern clan disciples chose to quiet down and wait patiently.

Jackie opened his eyes after a day, but he did not stop refining. He formed seals on his hands as the black light circulated on his fingertips. Not only did he purify his aura, but he had also greatly improved the amount as well.

He wanted to use that chance to train Destroying the Void to the second level! At that moment, he pushed away all stray thoughts, and focused everything on forming Soul Swords!

Time flowed just like that, and right as the third day was about to pass, Jackie finally finished his training.

He took a deep breath as he clenched his right fist tightly and said, “Sixty Soul Swords! Not bad!”

Jackie had not only mastered the skill, but he had also managed to condense ten more Soul Swords. Jackie was already able to condense sixty.

Destroying the Void was split into three levels. Condensing ten Soul Swords would put him at the elementary level. Fifty Soul Swords had him at the proficient level. Once he reached a hundred, it would mean that Jackie had completely mastered Destroying the void,

That was the perfect state of Destroying the void!

Even though Jackie was still a bit far from completely mastering it, Jackie felt like it would not take much longer! Thinking about that, he stood up.

He dusted off the non-existent dirt from his body as he looked around. The masked man had a complicated look in his eyes as he looked at Jackie with envy, hatred, and killing intent.

However, Jackie did not mind, he was already mortal enemies with the masked man. The masked man coldly said, “I won’t let you leave this place alive!”

Jackie raised his eyebrow, not even turning around to say, “What a coincidence, I was thinking the same thing about you.”


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