No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2349

That was the strongest proof of Jackie’s skills. They felt that Jackie battling against the masked man would be a fifty-fifty battle.

The northern clan disciples were all smiling happily. Some of them even started to cheer Jackie on loudly, but they were immediately stopped by Benjamin. After all, Jackie was still absorbing the soul refining pill. If he was disturbed by those cheers, he might be affected. However, he could still not stop everyone’s passion.

“Jackie is so amazing. I’m really so clueless. I underestimated Jackie. I thought Jackie was in trouble, but he was actually prepared all along!”

“He’s too amazing, after absorbing the spirit refining pill, he’ll definitely take a step forward in skill. Only, I don’t know who’s stronger between him and the masked man!”

“I think that Jackie will win. He’s never disappointed us. This time, the treasures on the Divine Void Slope will all belong to Jackie!”

The northern clan disciples were all naturally supportive of Jackie, believing that Jackie would be able to beat the masked man. Meanwhile, the southern clan disciples were not happy.

Even though Jackie was strong, they supported the masked man more. Zamian shouted, “What do you know? Even if Jackie absorbs the ninth-grade pill, all he will increase is his potential. It won’t increase his skill immediately!

The soul refining pill is something meant to increase potential! It won’t improve his powers!”

Benjamin raised an eyebrow at Zamian, raising his voice, “If you don’t know anything, then shut your mouth. What do you know about the spirit refining pill? You said it all so confidently.

“Even though the spirit refining spills can one’s increase potential, it also improves aura. Don’t forget, Jackie specializes in spiritual techniques.

Increasing his aura will definitely improve his power!”

Zamian’s face reddened. He had not wanted to be accused like that, but he did not want people saying that Jackie would beat the masked man. If it was before, he might have been more careful with his actions, but he no longer had much sense of rationality.

“Let me tell you all. No matter how strong Jackie is, he can’t beat our senior. His original levels were at the spring sole defying realm!”

The moment he said that everyone was stunned. The Corpse Pavilion disciples frowned at him, feeling like Zamian had gone too far by saying that.

That was the masked man’s secret. To enter this place, he had taken pills to suppress his power. That was actually not something that should be revealed, but Zamian had shouted it out loud.

Lennon furrowed his eyebrows, “Zamian, don’t say anything!”

Zamian gulped, even though he knew that he had gone overboard, he no longer cared.

They will find out eventually anyway, so what if they know? Can they even do anything to him?”

After saying that, Zamian looked at Benjamin and said, “He was originally already at the spring solidifying realm, but he suppressed his level back to the late stage of the innate level.”


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