No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2348

The isolated spaces were created to prevent them from fighting each other. However, at that moment, Graham did not know what to do. Even though everyone thought that Jackie would die for sure, Jackie did not have that many emotions on his face.

He slowly retrieved a blackish-purple crystal from Mustard seed. The crystal looked like a normal, colorful crystal. It seemed incredibly ordinary, and there was energy surging inside. Everyone saw Jackie reach out, and black energy started to gather on his fingertips. He sent a surge of energy toward the crystal, and with a crack, it shattered.

The energy within started to flow out, and Jackie took a deep breath. His palm aimed right at the source and started to absorb the energy into his body! That Shattered Soul Crystal was even bigger than the one he obtained before. The Shattered Soul Crystal was special in that, as long as there was one crack, the flow of energy would not be able to be stopped.

He needed to absorb all of that energy within himself. Jackie had planned on waiting to reach the Divine Solidifying realm before using that crystal.

After all, that Shattered Soul Crystal had a lot of energy stored within, and he could use it at an important time.

However, he was forced to use it. Even if he wasted some energy, he could no longer care! After all, his aura was already exhausted, and what was stored in the Shattered Soul Crystal was the purest form of aura!

At that moment, a sea of spirit energy surged into his body, immediately filling up the emptiness before. The destroyed soul was rapidly recovering and the intense pain had reduced in half.

Jackie felt his entire body relieving from the pain, and the intense trembling from before had subsided. When everyone saw that scene, they started to gape.

That was especially true for the southern clan disciples. They were all hoping that they would have an amusing show on display.

They had thought that Jackie was trapped, and was waiting to see Jackie perish in pain.

However, Jackie had viciously shatter all of their hopes in a flash. He seemed perfectly fine, and the trembling had even stopped. The southern clan disciples shouted out in surprise, “What did he absorb? Why does it look like he’s completely fine now after absorbing it? Was there a miraculous pill like that in the world?

“It actually replenished his true energy. If it replenished true energy, why don’tI feel any energy fluctuations?”

Even though they were in isolated spaces, and could not reach where Jackie was, they were still able to extend their divine senses out. After Jackie shattered the crystal, all of them tried to observe the energy that flowed out.

It was the purest form of aura, so there were naturally no energy fluctuations. They were deeply confused by the fact. In everyone’s eyes, Jackie should have been absorbing a treasure that replenished true energy.

However, since it was a treasure, there should naturally be energy fluctuations. Yet, none of them even felt a sliver. That was what rendered them confused and shocked.

“Why is he fine again? Is he immortal?” “He probably is…” A regretful voice said.

Jackie not dying meant that he would still have a final battle against the masked man. If it was before, they would definitely think that the masked man would defeat that unassuming elder disciple from a third-grade clan.

That had been something they would have been assured of. Yet, at that moment, none of them dared to say that the masked man would absolutely defeat Jackie. After going through so many battles, Jackie had yet to lose!


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