No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2347

After that, he looked at all the other spectators. Other than the disciples from the northern clans, there were the southern clan disciples as well, who were looking at him in amusement like the masked man.

They were all waiting for Jackie to fail in reconstructing his soul at the last moment and die!

Jackie let out a cold snort and nodded, agreeing with the masked man. The others suddenly erupted when they saw Jackie agreeing.

The southern clan disciples who did not like Jackie started to discuss among themselves happily.

“My god! It’s only been such a short time, and his true energy has already depleted. Look at Jackie, his whole body is shuddering. It’s obvious that his soul is still constantly being ripped apart and reconstructed.”

“Without his true energy as support, Jackie will no longer be able to reconstruct his soul! He’ll only be able to watch as his soul is ripped apart. How could he withstand it? He’ll die!”

“That’s right! So what if he’s strong or talented? Being dumb is just being dumb, isn’t he just trying to kill himself?! It looks like no one will even need to do anything, and Jackie will kill himself off!”

“Senior’s eyes are so sharp. He knew immediately that this brat was just an idiot. We don’t even need to do anything, and he’s killing himself.”

“This is too hilarious. He got so far with his power, but so what? He’s just going to die by his own hand in the end!”

Quite a few of them were mocking Jackie with great amusement. Everyone felt like Jackie’s actions were too hilarious by how he was going to kill himself.

In so many years, Jackie was the first! The northern clan disciples all had difficult looks on their faces. Most of them were incredibly concerned about Jackie’s situation.

After all, Jackie was one of their main fighters. No one knew what would happen after this. They did not know if the southern clan disciples would suddenly start attacking.

At that moment, they were no longer like before. After all, so many people had died. With their numbers at just over twenty, they were no match for the southern clans.

If they lose Jackie, it would be a tremendous blow to them!

The northern clan disciples said anxiously, “Quick! Think of something. See if we can help Jackie!”

“What’s there to do? At this moment, all he can do is rely on himself. Normally, people would make incredible amounts of preparations before taking a spirit refining pill. Now, we have no preparations at all, how can we help him?

“With how fast his true energy is being consumed, even a replenishing pill will be useless! After all, true energy recovering pills all need to be absorbed and digested! I don’t think he can even do that anymore!”

Benjamin was incredibly pessimistic about Jackie’s situation, he felt like Jackie could only hold on for just a moment longer before he failed to reconstruct his soul!

The masked man started to laugh uproariously,” Looks like I was right, you’re about to end your own life!”

Graham frowned, saying with exasperation, “I really want to help you right now, but I can’t. We’re in separate spaces, I can’t go there at all.”

Jackie was in an incredibly awkward position. The ones below could not rush up, and even Graham, who was next to him, could not give Jackie any pills. After all, they were in separate spaces even though they could see each other.


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