No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2346

“The moment Jackie runs out of aura to support the reconstruction of his soul, then his soul would only be ripped apart! If something like that happened, it wouldn’t just be a heavy injury, Jackie might even end up dying.”

Benjamin’s words served as a reminder to everyone. After all, most of them did not know much about the spirit refining pill. Benjamin was not just a talented fighter, he was also a future alchemist.

He understood more about pills than a normal person would, so his words were naturally trustworthy. Isaiah looked like his entire family was about to die. “What do we do?!”

At that moment, he did not know what else he could do other than say that. Nelson’s face was just as concerned. Ever since Jackie swallowed the spirit refining pill, Nelson did not stop being worried.

He shook his head slightly, unable to give Isaiah an answer. Other than Benjamin, no one else had anything to say. Benjamin shot Isaiah a deep look. H e knew that Isaiah belonged to the Dual Sovereign Pavilion just like Jackie.

If anything happened to Jackie, it would be an immense blow to Nelson and Isaiah. On top of that, with Jackie and the Corpse Pavilion’s grudges, it would only be the two of them left from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

The masked man would absolutely kill them while Jackie was weak!

Thinking about that, Benjamin said sympathetically, “Jackie might be able to tide it over.”

Those words were empty, and Nelson and Isaiah had no changes in their expression at all. Isaiah’s worry even intensified

He said impatiently, “Jackie’s too reckless!”

Due to how anxious Isaiah was, Nelson turned around and looked at him. “Don’t be so agitated. There’s no point in feeling this way. I trust that Jackie will be able to get past this.”

Nelson’s mouth trembled a bit. Ever since what had happened before, he was in an unstable mental state. He had been dealt a lot of blows and was slowly losing his rationality.

He said, “How would he solve it? Without true energy, he won’t be able to use his aura! When that happens, all we can do is look at Jackie dying!

Nelson frowned and admonished, “Shut up!”

Isaiah shut his mouth somewhat reluctantly. At that moment, he slowly realized that, if he did not stop, he would be regarded as a joke by those around him.

After a while, Jackie finally exhausted all of his true energy. He looked as his true energy was slowly drying up, and his aura was also at its limits. Jackie could only bitterly smile in helplessness.

He would never have expected that reconstructing his soul would use up so much true energy! It had completely exceeded Jackie’s expectations.

At that moment, an annoying voice was heard,” Jackie, is your aura finishing up, and your true energy already exhausted?”

The person’s eyes were very sharp and immediately saw through Jackie’s helplessness. The one who spoke was the person Jackie hated the most. Even if that man had only said one word, Jackie knew it was precisely the masked man from the Corpse Pavilion!

Even though Jackie did not know what the masked man’s name was, it still did not stop Jackie’s hatred.

Jackie slowly opened his eyes, and with a glance, he looked at the masked man who was smiling at him. Next to the masked man was Graham, who was looking at him with a calm expression.


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