No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2345

“Even someone at the spring solidifying or even divine solidifying realm would not dare to try it so easily. Does he think that he can? He’s looking for death!”

Graham glanced at the masked man, Graham was already at the level where he hated the masked man with a fierce passion. After all, that guy had caused Graham so much trouble and had even killed so many disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.

He had originally wanted to ignore the masked man, but hearing the masked man’s arrogant words, Graham could not help but say coldly, “You always evaluate Jackie like this, but aren’t you the one who’s constantly on the losing end? Don’t casually give out criticisms like this!”

The masked man’s face was suddenly red with anger, and wanted nothing more than to start a fight against Graham immediately! Just as the masked man was about to retort, Jackie could finally not resist letting out a cry in agony, “Ahhh…”

However, that cry was forcibly held back by Jackie midway. He shut his mouth tightly, not wanting his cry to be heard by anyone else.

However, because of the pain he was suffering, his body was trembling even more intensely. He was shaking so intensely that every muscle on his body was trembling. His temples thumped as if he would explode at any moment.

Even though they could not feel the pain Jackie was going through, they could still somewhat tell what the pain was like from Jackie’s reactions, and to what degree the spirit refining pill had advanced to.

At that moment, Jackie had no strength to notice the reactions of those around him were to his cry of agony because he was already in so much pain that he felt like dying

The spirit refining pill really was intense! Jackie felt like his entire soul was being assaulted by intense attacks. His soul was being ripped apart in every area before being reassembled!

The pain from his soul being constantly torn, left him unable to stand the pain! Reassembling his soul still required him to use his aura which needed his true energy. So, not only did Jackie need to withstand the pain, he needed to use his true energy as well.

The assault on two fronts left him in a dire situation! Jackie was incredibly concerned, he did not know how much his soul would be reconstructed.

How much aura and true energy would he need to expand? If all his true energy ended up being expended, would he not be completely exhausted?

Jackie was starting to regret his recklessness at that moment. He had swallowed the pill without first making sure the price he would have to pay. He was incredibly concerned at that moment.

However, it was already too late for any regrets. He had to hold on! Everyone on the Divine Void Slope was staring at everything Jackie was doing with widened eyes.

In the beginning, Jackie was not trembling so intensely, so those further away were not able to see It clearly. However, at that moment, everyone could see it very clearly because of how badly he was trembling!

On top of that, the earlier cry of agony had immediately signaled Jackie’s condition to everyone else. Hayden frowned and said, “Jackie’s in trouble. The spirit refining pill isn’t something to be fooled around with, will he be able to withstand it?”

Benjamin sighed, “For his spirit to be destroyed and reassembled, he won’t just need to tolerate the pain, he’ll also need to expend a lot of aura. Even if Jackie’s incredibly strong mentally, he would need the aura to hold up.”


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