No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2344

It would be incredibly difficult for anyone to swallow the spirit refining pill before making preparations beforehand, that was what everyone else knew. However, they did not know that the soul refining pill’s medicinal effects were incredibly dominating.

It refines the soul by using the dominating medicinal effects to break down the soul and reassemble it again, training the soul!

Each time a soul was broken down and reassembled, It would be even more refined, losing unneeded filth! I t would slowly be molded into a sharp blade!

The pain when souls were ripped apart was not something a regular person could withstand. Some would even go mad from being tortured like that. It needed a very strong soul as well as will to be able to hold on!

The masked man laughed lightly, mocking, “Brat! It looks like the both of us won’t even need to fight, you’ll be the death of yourself!”

Jackie was unable to respond to the masked man at that moment. Even if he could, Jackie would not have replied anyway. At that moment, Jackie’s full focus was within his own body.

Ever since the spirit refining pill entered his body, Jackie felt like his entire body was being engulfed by a strange energy. His soul was screaming out in pain.

Jackie had read in an old book that the body’s pain would never reach the limits because the bodies had their limits. Once the pain reaches a certain level, the pain would go numb.

However, pain in the soul was different. There was no limit to the pain he could suffer. It was able to torture a person to death. The pain in the soul was far worse than any physical pain.

Someone had said before that no matter how firm one’s resolve was, the limitless torture that could be inflicted on the soul would still be able to subdue them.

At that moment, Jackie’s face was still the picture of calm, but he was already in so much pain that he could not even utter a single word. The spirit refining pill was extremely imperious, and it had completely penetrated Jackie’s soul after being absorbed.

The power was like a chisel that never stopped hitting Jackie’s soul. Jackie’s soul was like a wooden block that had been shattered by the chisel. After a while, Jackie’s whole body was twitching, and cold sweat started to form on his forehead.

Without any context, one would think that he had just been pulled out of water. His skin looked like a prawn that had been cooked. It was incredibly red. Those further away were unable to see anything, but the two next to him could clearly see what was happening to him.

Graham did not even have the mood to continue recovering. He raised his eyebrow as he sighed helplessly. Even though he had never had a spirit refining pill before, he had heard from others how much torture the pill inflicted.

Having one’s soul being shattered before being reassembled! All that increases the strength and quality of the soul.

Just thinking about it had Graham’s head go numb. He could only helplessly look at Jackie, who was experiencing all of that. “Even after taking so much pain, he isn’t crying out at all. He’s a real man.”

It was high praise from Graham. There were not even three people who he thought were real men, so it was obvious how high Jackie’s tolerance was. Even the masked man next to Jackie did not have words to rebuke it.

However, he was still unwilling to admit anything, and said plainly, “So what if his tolerance is high? The spirit refining pill isn’t something to be played around with. Swallowing it without any preparation, even if he can withstand the pain, his soul won’t be able to recover from the damage.

“It might even destroy him mentally. The spirit refining pill might be a ninth-grade pill, no one dares to easily consume it. The medicinal properties are far too strong, and Jackie’s just at the intermediate level of the innate stage.


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