No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2343

The masked man loudly declared, “Don’t even think that I’ll lose to you just because your results were better! Let me tell you… If I’m at my peak, or if I really decide to put my life on the line, you’ll never defeat me!”

The others might not know what the masked man’s hidden message was, but Jackie got the message loud and clear. After all, he had seen the masked man’s true power before.

As someone who had already entered the spring solidifying realm, the masked man had definitely taken pills to suppress his power to enter this place! The masked man was right, if his powers were not suppressed, Jackie would stand no chance.

However, Jackie was merely at the intermediate stage of the innate level. If Jackie managed to break through and reach the spring solidifying realm, he would not be bothered with the masked man then!

Jackie took a deep breath, his eyes glinting as he went deep in thought. He suddenly had a worry in his heart. If the guy was forced to the level where he did not care about anything else and reverted to the spring solidifying realm, Jackie might really die!

Thinking about that, Jackie frowned. He suddenly made a vow in his heart that he would not let that happen. Even if it did happen, he would make sure he had a way to protect himself.

After making that point clear, he did not even look at the masked man and sat down immediately. He had no time to waste.

The others did not react to what Jackie was doing. Jackie suddenly took out that jade box and retrieved the spirit refining pill. He stuffed the pill into his mouth right in front of everyone.

That scene caused everyone to be stunned, Jackie had swallowed the spirit refining pill! Even though they’ve never had such a pill before, everyone had heard of its power and effectiveness.

The key lies in the word ‘refining’. Refining one’s soul was not something to be played around with. Before swallowing the pill, most people would have various preparations. It was so that they would be able to stave off the effects if they could not hold on!

Otherwise, they would damage their souls, and turn into a madman. However, Jackie ignored all of that and swallowed the pill directly!

Isaiah said nervously, “What do we do? Has Jackie gone crazy?! Does he not know how intense the spirit refining pill is? It doesn’t just level up the soul.

“It can damage his soul if he’s not careful! Damaging his soul at a time like this will affect the results of the battle!”

Nelson had a worrisome look on as well. However, it was already too late to worry, because they had not even had the chance to stop Jackie before he swallowed the pill.

Nelson shook his head slightly, saying helplessly,” It’s already too late to say anything. All we can do is pray that he’ll be fine.

“Otherwise, the two of us will be in danger. If anything happens to Jackie, the masked man won’t let the two of us from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion off!”

Isaiah cursed in his heart as if he had taken some poison. His eyes were full of despair. Nelson was right, if anything happened to Jackie, the two of them would suffer.

There were only the three of them left from the clan. Jackie was their pillar of support. If that pillar fell, the two of them would be eaten alive.

Graham looked over at Jackie in shock, “He’s really gone crazy…”

Graham spat out those words in exasperation. As a chosen disciple at the peak of a fourth-grade clan, he naturally had a lot more knowledge than the rest.


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