No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2342

However, this time, there were only less than a hundred disciples left from the initial hundred and eighty! Most of those who died were from the northern clans!

When they were transferred back to their original position, Jackie turned to look. There was suddenly a lot of space within the densely packed crowd.

The northern clan disciples were no longer as confident within their own backyard as they were before. They were anxious, and looked at the disciples from the other clans with hatred!

If they did not know of the difference in numbers, the two sides would have started to fight! Jackie let out a long sigh and looked over at Graham next to him.

Graham was not in a good state and seemed to want to avoid everything by shutting his eyes. Graham sat down cross-legged as he started to tend to his own wounds.

The masked man was not in a much better state. The masked man’s injuries were only slightly better than Graham’s. Jackie was actually injured as well, but compared to the two of them, his injuries were nothing.

He had also taken a recovery pill before that, so Jackie already felt much better! The masked man’s cold gaze fell on Jackie. The masked man did nothing to hide his killing intent as if he wanted to skin Jackie alive.

Jackie let out a cold smile and stared right back.

The masked man snorted, “Prick! Don’t be so pleased with yourself. There’s still plenty of time, we’ll see what happens later!”

Jackie raised his eyebrow slightly as he said, “You’re right, there’s still plenty of time…”

The moment he said that the old voice was heard once again, “Three days! You have three days to recover from your injuries! After three days, the peak of the Divine Void Slope will witness your battle!”

After that, the old voice was no longer heard, and the crowd started to talk amongst themselves.

All the battles and risks they took before were for this very moment. From the moment when everyone entered with confidence to them all losing their confidence when faced with difficulty of each challenge. At that moment, everyone had thought that no one would be able to pass.

Defeating the ninth Divine warrior seemed like something impossible. Yet, someone had done it. It was not just one person, but two!

They had to admit that the old man’s arrangements were quite humane. After all, Jackie and the masked man had suffered varying degrees of injuries. If they had fought right away, it would be unfair to the masked man.

After all, the last battle would be the final battle between Jackie and the masked man! When the masked man heard those words, he took a deep breath.

He suddenly looked up at Jackie, “Excellent! Three days is enough for me to recover. Then, I’ll let you know that luck will not always be on your side!”

“The others can’t see, but I clearly did.

“You killed that eight-tailed snake so easily, not because you were strong enough to easily pierce through its defenses. It was just because you knew its weakness!”

Jackie smiled, not denying it. He did not really care what the masked man thought about him. Even if the masked man insulted him, Jackie was not bothered to retort. After all, strength had never been determined with words.


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