No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2341

“Graham, are you crazy? You clearly know you weren’t a match for it, so why did you continue fighting? You ended up being so heavily injured, it’ll definitely affect your future…

“Don’t forget, we’re not within the clan at the moment. We still don’t know how much danger we’ll face in this place. For you to get yourself so heavily injured is incredibly irresponsible!”

As he said that, Benjamin’s lips were trembling slightly. He had clearly told Graham earlier to not push himself if he could not win. Surrendering would have been the way to go.

However, Graham seemed to have completely forgotten that promise. When Graham fought against the eight-tailed demonic snake, he seemed to drop everything else, seemingly wanting to battle the snake to death!

Graham took a deep breath, not saying anything. He knew that Benjamin’s words were reasonable, and that he had lost his composure.

At that moment, Jackie said in a low voice, “You’re the chosen disciple from the fourth-grade clan, you’ll be bearing a lot of responsibilities in the future. For you to put your life on the line for this trivial thing isn’t worth it at all.”

When everyone heard Jackie’s words, they had confused looks in their eyes. They obviously did not understand what Jackie had meant. No one else understood, but Graham definitely did.

Graham felt like his sore point had been pressed, and his face turned from pale to red.

He opened his eyes to look at Jackie, but Jackie still had that nonchalant expression on. Jackie was looking at Graham with a very plain expression. After letting out a long sigh, Jackie looked away.

Graham really did not want to admit defeat. Even though he had been focused on his own battle, he still saw Jackie’s victory over the eight-tailed demonic snake.

He never expected that Jackie would win, and Jackie looked like he was not even injured.

His skills were clearly not on the level of the eight tailed demon snake. It was impossible for him to beat the snake. There was actually such a huge gap in skills between Jackie and him, how could he just swallow that.

Why was there such a big gap between the two of them when they were both masters!

He clearly remembered that Jackie was merely at the intermediate stage of the innate level as well. He admitted that he was no match for the masked man, but he felt like the gap between the masked man and him was not that large. It did not make Graham feel that bad.

Instead, he noticed that there was such a huge gap between Jackie and him. There was no way for Graham to calmly accept that, and the thought filled his mind at that moment.

He wanted to do everything he could to prove that the gap between Jackie and him was not that big. He could defeat the eight-tailed demonic snake as well. He could also stand at the peak of the Divine Void Slope, looking down on everyone!

Benjamin’s eyes lit up, looking at Jackie before looking at Graham, seemingly understanding Jackie’s words. He reached out and lightly patted Graham, not continuing to scold the man. Instead, knelt down and took out a few more pills for Graham.

At that moment, the sound of a clock could be heard In their ears. The sound seemed very close to them as I fit came from within Netherworld Mountain.

Everyone widened their eyes. In their state of confusion, all of them started to be enveloped in familiar energy. When they started to react, they had already left the blood-colored world, and was back on the Divine Void Slope!


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