No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2340

At that moment, he was more injured than the masked man was. He tried using his arm to force his body to sit up, but after trying a few times, he fell back on the floor with a thud.

He could hear the roar of the snake on the other side. He knew that the eight-tailed demonic snake was about to attack him again!

He was seriously injured, but his mind was incredibly clear. Even though Jackie had finished speaking, Jackie’s words kept on repeating over and over in his head.

Just as the eight-tailed snake was about to use another tail to strike, Graham used the last of his strength to shout, “I surrender!”

In truth, he did not know if the eight-tailed demonic snake would stop its attack after he surrendered. After all, that old voice said that death existed in the blood world.

However, he still had to gamble no matter what! At that moment, the hearts of all the northern clan disciples stopped, about to jump out of their throats. They did not want to see Graham’s bloodied form.

After all, if Graham died, it would leave only Jackie behind. They were not willing to gamble on Jackie being able to carry them through.

Some of them loudly shouted, “What do we do? Should we rush inside to save Graham?! We can’t let that snake continue attacking, or Graham will definitely die!”

“Didn’t we tell Graham not to force things earlier?! If he had just stopped when he felt like he could no longer take it, he would at least have been able to save himself, but now…”

However, those words were merely helpless ramblings. Jackie furrowed his eyebrows. Even though he was not that fond of Graham, they were still in the same camp at that moment.

If Graham really died, he would have to withstand the pressure from the Corpse Pavilion himself. Just as he tightened his fists and planned on trying to break through the barrier to save Graham, the snake’s tail suddenly stopped.

It was as if a button had been pushed, and it stopped two meters in front of Graham. At that moment, Graham had already broken out in cold sweat, the salty sweat reminding him that he had almost died!

Under everyone’s bated breaths, the eight-tailed demonic snake slowly retracted its tail, reverting back into its arrogant state, ignoring all. It had stopped attacking Graham.

Graham felt his body get lighter, and familiar energy once again stuck to his body. His vision blurred, and when he opened his eyes again, he was already outside the barrier.

Standing next to him was Jackie. Jackie frowned, leaning down to help Graham up, helping him adopt a sitting posture.

He then turned around to look at Benjamin and the others, “Why aren’t you coming over?!”

When Benjamin and the others heard that, they hurriedly ran over. The other twenty-odd people had very serious looks on their faces. Benjamin took out a pill from his storage ring and fed it to Graham.

Graham forced himself to swallow it, and the warmth of the medicine slowly entered his body. It went through his broken veins, and slowly repaired his internal injuries.

However, Graham’s injuries had been far too severe. Even though his condition was stabilized for the moment, he still needed more time to recover.

Graham seemed to be in an incredibly bad state like he would run out of breath at any moment. Benjamin pursed his lips helplessly. Even though he knew he should not utter those words, he could not hold back.


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