No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2339

It was the first time Jackie had seen a pill that was of such a high grade. If he took it back to the clan in exchange for points, he would absolutely be able to get over ten thousand points.

After all, refining a pill like that would not only need ninth-grade spirited grass and other valuable natural treasures, it would also need an incredibly high-ranked alchemist. The alchemist would have to refine it for several days, that was how valuable it was!

Jackie’s excited eyes started to glow. He withstood the pain in his bones as he stumbled to stand up. He hobbled over to the pill that was floating in the air.

The pill was more valuable to Jackie than anyone else. A spirit refining pill meant that it could help train his soul. It would enhance the level and quality of his soul, and increase the control a person had over souls!

Thinking about that, Jackie’s hands started to shake. He took a deep breath as he forced himself to calm down. He retrieved a jade box from Mustard Seed and placed the pill gently inside, making sure not to harm the pill’s effects.

In front of everyone, he placed the soul refining pill into his storage space. When Benjamin and the others witnessed the scene, their eyes watered, and could not help but say in exasperation, “It’s a ninth grade pill! A ninth-grade pill is even more valuable than an Earth Ranked martial skill. Ninth-grade pills have been known to double a person’s potential! It’s a pity, but I’ve only seen such a thing, and have never obtained one!”

After listening to that, the others added, “No wonder masters improve exponentially. We’ll never be able to stand up against these masters.

“Failing against them only means they’ll continue soaring up, while we continue to be stuck in one place! Only masters can gain even more resources for themselves… We can’t compete at all!”

Those words were exactly what everyone else had been thinking. They could not help but nod in agreement, and everyone shot looks of envy at Jackie. Jackie did not hear those words at all.

At that moment, he was already planning how he would deal with the masked man when he went back to the Divine Void Slope. Thinking about the masked man’s cold and arrogant face, Jackie’s anger could not help but surge.

Even though he always had a calm and uncaring expression when he dealt with the masked man, Jackie definitely wanted the masked man to die!

Thinking about Riv’s cold face, as well as the other disciples that died in the hands of the masked man, he wanted to skin that man alive. Jackie knew very well that the masked man probably thought the same about him as well.

Both sides definitely wanted the other side to die. At that moment, a wail of agony was heard.

Jackie looked over and could see a completely bloodied figure soar across the air. The figure landed heavily on the ground not far from Jackie with a boom!

That person’s clothes were stained with blood, if not for the fact that his chest was still moving, Jackie would have thought that the person was dead!

Jackie frowned slightly as he shouted, “Graham, you should admit defeat, or you’ll die.”

Those words sounded cold, but it was out of sincere concern. When Graham heard Jackie’s words, he coughed viciously, spitting out a mouthful of blood.


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