No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2338

Lennon’s last words were like a massive stone being thrown into calm waters. Everyone was stunned when they heard those words and had a look on their faces that looked like they wanted to die.

Zamian’s face was pale, and veins even appeared on his eyes, “Lennon… Aren’t you exaggerating things a little? This guy can unite West Cercie State?

“Is he really capable of doing that? It’s been so many years, and the northern clans have definitely had their masters. However, none of the masters have ever been so powerful! Something no one has been able to do for so many years, are you sure this guy can?”

Lennon glanced at Zamian. Normally, he would not have bothered to explain something like this to Zamian. However, it was a special time, and if he did not make things clear, those people would not understand the severity of the situation.

Lennon’s voice was very deep, as if he was announcing something incredibly painful, “Use your brains a little, please just think about it. Even though the northern clans have had their masters all these years. In so many years, not a single one of them had really been able to threaten the Corpse Pavilion.

“Think about it, can those so-called masters compare to Jackie? Don’t forget, Jackie is currently only at the intermediate stage of the innate level.

“I paid special attention to Jackie before this, and I’ve asked Griffin about Jackie as well. That guy had only been at the initial stage of the innate level and it didn’t take him long to reach the intermediate stage!

“Which master can defeat another master at the late stage of the innate level when they’re only in the intermediate stage? The gap between one master and another is usually not that much different.

“However, this guy can battle across stages! He’s even so much stronger than those of us who thought we were masters.”

At that moment, Lennon’s tone was a little depressed. The others fell silent after hearing that. Lennon was right. There were differences between masters, but it was rarely so large of a gap.

Fighting across stages was something that would not happen between absolute masters, but Jackie had managed to do it. Jackie had done something no one had been able to do so in many years.

Then when he grows stronger, he would naturally threaten the Corpse Pavilion. Not even the masked man could retort at that moment, because the masked man knew that Lennon was right!

The masked man took a deep breath, and after shutting his eyes momentarily, he said in a somber tone, “Everyone shut up! You’re not allowed to praise others to diminish yourself!

“He’s definitely a master, but masters who have yet to mature can only live by the mercy of others. He’s not a threat yet!”

After that, the Corpse Pavilion was once again in a strange silence. They were no idiots. They naturally knew what the masked man meant, and that he would kill Jackie at all costs!

After another boom, the eight-tailed demonic snake’s corpse suddenly glowed in colorful light. Under Jackie’s surprised look, the colorful lights slowly disappeared, and the eight-tailed snake’s corpse disappeared in the light.

In the end, the light all gathered into a pill the size of a grape! When the pill appeared, the smell of blood around him had suddenly disappeared, and the deep smell of medicine assaulted his nose.

Jackie widened his eyes abruptly, unable to stop himself from saying, “Ninth-grade soul refining pill!


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