No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2337

After finishing his words, he shook his head, sighing. He felt the gap between him and Jackie growing wider and wider. At the start, Benjamin had thought that Jackie’s actions were amusing and that he was inexperienced

No matter how strong he was, he might still have moments of failure. Instead, it seemed like what he thought was Jackie’s inexperience was actually just him not knowing Jackie well enough.

The northern clan disciples were all full of deep admiration for Jackie despite their surprise. They were still composed, after all, they were in the same camp as Jackie. However, the Corpse Pavilion was different.

The Corpse Pavilion’s disciples had a depressed look on their faces. The masked man’s hands were clenched tightly. Due to how much force he was using, his muscles were bulging tightly as well. At that moment, he had been dealt a huge blow.

Even Nelson had seen through what had happened, let alone the masked man. The masked man had naturally managed to see through that Jackie’s actions were merely to trick the eight-tailed demonic snake, concealing his final attack.

If that meant Jackie lacked experience, then the rest of them amounted to nothing!

Jackie had attacked in an incredibly unique way! If the masked man was not Jackie’s enemy, the masked man would probably have praised him!

“That brat! I definitely can’t allow him to live. He can’t be allowed to leave this place alive!” The masked man’s raspy voice was incredibly resolved.

At that moment, he completely understood what he had to do. If he let Jackie leave the Hidden Place for Resources, he would be facing an incredibly large threat in the future.

Jackie’s relationship with him was already bad to begin with, and he had killed so many of Jackie’s fellow disciples. Jackie would definitely be a threat to the Corpse Pavilion when he grows stronger. The first person Jackie would look to kill would be him!

He could absolutely not let something like that happen. Before, the masked man merely hated Jackie but did not feel as threatened as he did at that moment. However, after witnessing this scene, he felt like Jackie was a ticking time bomb!

When Lennon heard the masked man’s words, he had a moment of realization. He had been like the others, stuck in their surprise. After all, he had witnessed the masked man’s fight against the eight tailed demon snake for himself.

The masked man had used everything he had, and still ended up heavily injured when he dealt with the eight-tailed demonic snake. Furthermore, he had taken much longer than Jackie to defeat the snake!

Compared to the masked man’s battle, Jackie seemed to have ended it faster and easier. That was even despite the fact that Jackie had been incredibly unlucky to get hit by the eight-tailed demonic snake at the last moment.

However, compared to the heavily injured masked man, Jackie’s plan seemed perfect. The gap between the two of them had been displayed for everyone to see right there!

To the masked man, Jackie was already a gigantic threat that could not be ignored. He could understand the masked man’s worry and fear!

He could not help but frown, he had to say what he was afraid of saying before, “You have to quickly recover. When you get back to the Divine Void Slope, you have to do everything you can’t. We can’t let him leave the top.

“It’s not just because he can obtain those treasures. If he grows stronger, he’ll definitely be a huge threat to the Corpse Pavilion, he might even be able to unite the West Cercie State!”


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