No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2336

He could still hear the eight-tailed snake’s painful roars in his ear. Jackie’s hands were trembling, momentarily forgetting the pain inflicted by his injuries from the tail strike. Instead, he looked up at the eight-tailed demonic snake that was struggling.

At that moment, Destroying the Void had destroyed most of the eight-tailed demonic snake’s soul. It could no longer think and could only struggle with its instincts.

Struggling against its own life slipping away, its roars shook Jackie’s ears. However, Jackie did not cover his ears and merely stared with widened eyes at the eight-tailed demonic snake.

After struggling for a while, the eight-tailed demonic snake’s soul was finally completely extinguished. Its roars stopped abruptly as the spectators looked on, stunned.

Under everyone’s gazes, the gigantic eight-tailed demonic snake collapsed on the ground.

With a loud bang, the massive body caused the ground to shake. Dust blew as it temporarily obscured everyone’s vision. At that moment, everyone’s mouths were slightly wide open, not knowing what to say.

In truth, that battle had not lasted that long. The spectators had yet to understand what was happening even though Jackie’s last attack at the eight -tailed demonic snake was not obvious but it was deadly!

“It died just like that?” Samson’s lips trembled slightly, his eyes widened so much that they threatened to jump out of their sockets.

The others were incredibly anxious. “It should be dead! However, can anyone tell me how it died?

“It looked like Jackie merely shifted his attacking point, and that eight-tailed snake’s impenetrable defense suddenly crumbled like paper. Jackie defeated it in one blow! After that, the snake struggled and roared for a few seconds before it died!”

That person’s words left the others and himself in disbelief. The others looked up at the eight-tailed demonic snake’s corpse, slightly stunned.

Isaiah looked over at Nelson and said, “How did Jackie do that? How did the eight-tailed demonic snake’s defense crumble so quickly…”

Nelson was a chosen disciple who was close to the top of the rankings. Even though he was from a third -grade clan, he was still quite experienced.

He took a deep breath and said in a serious tone,” Just now when Jackie attacked its back, it was not due to any miscalculations on his part. He attacked it knowing that it was the most defended part.

“He did so to attract the snake’s attention. He wanted the snake to think that Jackie was doing so out of stupidity, just like everyone else did! That Jackie lacked experience!”

After listening to Nelson’s explanation, Isaiah finally understood. He turned around and clutched Nelson’s arm anxiously.

“You mean that Jackie knew where the eight-tailed snake’s weakness was from the start! The eight-tailed demonic snake’s defense did not suddenly crumble. It was just that Jackie attacked directly at the eight-tailed demonic snake’s weak point?”

Nelson nodded. He had faith in his eyes. He could see that Jackie attacked at a very special spot earlier. The scale that Jackie attacked had been slightly different In color from the other scales. If he did not look at it I n detail, he would not have noticed!

Benjamin’s hands trembled slightly. Since Nelson had noticed, he would have as well. He could not help but shake his head.

“Sure enough, we can’t underestimate masters like this. Even though masters are sometimes hard to understand, it’s just because we don’t understand them, and not because they’re dumb!”


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