No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2335

Just as everyone genuinely thought Jackie was a brainless individual, Jackie took another deep breath as he formed a few seals on his hand. He activated the laws of space again, using it to its limits.

He went from floating around the eight-tailed snake’s back to suddenly appearing in front of it, catching the eight-tailed demonic snake by complete surprise.

The eight-tailed demonic snake took its time attacking Jackie all this while, thinking Jackie was dull-witted. It definitely did not expect that Jackie would suddenly appear in front of it.

Jackie narrowed his eyes, his mind quickly churning as his eyes settled on the area beneath the snake’s forehead.

Jackie shouted out in a low voice, “Two meters below the snake’s head! The scale should be there!”

The moment he said that, he launched forward like a bullet and headed to the position he determined. At that moment, he had nothing else in his mind, not even wondering if the eight-tailed demonic snake had noticed his plans.

His hands constantly formed some seals as a grayish-black light glowed from his fingers. After that, he quickly formed 35 Soul Swords on the black blade!

“Destroying the Void!” exclaimed Jackie. “Die!”

The moment he said that, the black blade surged forward, piercing into the snake.

Everything had happened far too quickly. The eight tailed demon snake never thought for a second that Jackie was, all this while, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Attacking the scales on its back were merely to attract its attention.

In truth, he had long known the eight-tailed demonic snake’s weakness. Its body was fully covered in scales, and the only weak point was two meters below its forehead where a gray scale was positioned.

That gray scale was where it absorbed true energy, and it was the weakest point on its body!

Everyone heard a crack at the scale shattered. The black blade pierced right into the eight-tailed demonic snake’s body, and a gray energy surged out of the blade in Jackie’s hand.

It was a massive Soul Sword formed by 35 Soul Swords merging together. It was the strongest attack Jackie could use.

The massive Soul Sword pierced its body. In a flash, it penetrated the snake’s body and killed its soul!

The fiend’s soul was never that strong in the first place. Being attacked by Destroying the Void caused immense pain on its soul, sending the snake into a ballistic frenzy.

It opened its mouth and let out a roar as its whole body started to twist and turn.

Jackie was already completely depleted of energy at that moment. The snake’s wild thrashing had caused its eight tails to constantly assault its surroundings!

Alas, Jackie was hit with one of the beast’s tails with an audible thud. Jackie felt like his internal organs had been shattered as he flew across the air.

Thankfully, the snake’s soul had already been attacked. All of its actions were merely a reaction to pain and not targeted attacks in any direction.

Despite being sent zipping across the air, Jackie was miraculously safe, not suffering any serious injuries.

With a bang, Jackie fell to the ground. He coughed intensely as he grabbed one of his arms, sitting up from the ground

His hands trembled slightly, and the black blade had already flown out of his hand from the earlier attack.


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