No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2334

“I knew there was something wrong with Jackie’s brain!”

At that moment, Jackie raised the black sword and unleashed an attack toward the back of the eight tailed demon snake, and everyone else watched on, their expressions changing as they spectated with a complicated expression.

A few of them felt like Jackie was lacking in knowledge. Did he not know that beasts like the eight -tailed demonic snake, who were strong defensively and physically reliant, had their strongest defenses at their backs?

Did he think that his attack had already exceeded the restrictions of his level and would be able to pierce through the eight-tailed demonic snake’s defenses?

This time, even those from the northern clans who had faith in Jackie did not know what to say.

“What’s Jackie doing? Why is he risking his life on the line to attack the eight-tailed snake’s back?! Is he trying to waste his true energy?”

Their confusion was evident in their questions.

Jackie’s actions were no doubt difficult to understand.

Isaiah clutched Nelson’s hand incredibly tightly. He then spoke to Nelson, his voice lowered, “What do you think Jackie is doing? I know he’s always had his own opinion of things, and I feel like he’s not someone who would do things frivolously…”

In truth, Isaiah did not know any better way to describe it. Nelson knew what Isaiah wanted to say; Jackie was not an idiot. However, everything Jackie was doing seemed to be proving that Jackie lacked some brain cells!

The masked man started to laugh out loud. “I can’t believe he’s genuinely attacking the hardest part. Graham would indefinitely not do something like that.

“Everyone knows that no matter what manner of fiend they are, their stomachs are the softest section of their body. The stomachs are always the best place to attack! Yet, this guy seemed to not understand anything. I want to laugh just looking at him putting his life on the line that!”

Griffin stood behind the masked man with an elated look on his face. Just like the masked man, he would be over the moon as long as something unfortunate happened to Jackie.

Jackie looked like a fool, doing something that completely lacked common sense. Griffin was so happy that his mouth was about to fall off from smiling!

He had never cared if he would be punished when he returned to the clan or not. After all, he had already been certain of the fact that Jackie would not leave this place alive. Isaiah and Nelson would absolutely not make it back, either!

The Dual Sovereign Pavilion had sent 20 of them here. Other than him, no one would be allowed to go back!

Howard had already died in the hands of the masked man. Even though that stained Griffin’s impression of the masked man, he still suppressed all his hatred for the sake of survival.

He ignored everything else that happened.

Who cared about what those people outside were talking about? Whatever they were talking about, Jackie did not care at all. His mind was purely on the eight-tailed demonic snake at that moment.

The eight-tailed demonic snake was intelligent, no doubt, different from any regular beasts. At that moment, it should have already noticed something wrong with that brat it could not handle.

The brat insisted on tickling the beast’s body. It definitely felt like something was wrong with Jackie’s mind, attacking the scales that could definitely not be pierced through. The eight-tailed snake had actually started to relax against Jackie.

It was like a mouse being toyed by a cat after being caught. It happily wanted to torture Jackie.

With a clap, Jackie once again avoided the eight-tailed demonic snake’s attack. He had already used up quite a lot of true energy.

After all, bending the laws of space required a lot of true energy.

Instead, Jackie did not seem to be too focused on attacking the eight-tailed snake’s back and seemed to be sending in a few symbolic attacks.


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