No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2333

Jackie successfully avoided the eight-tailed demon snake’s attack and seemed to trigger the eight-tailed snake’s competitive spirit. The snake got faster and faster, and anger glossed over its eyes.

It was the first time Jackie had seen anger in the eyes of a beast. At the same time, he had no idea why the snake would be so… infuriated.

Of course, the eight-tailed snake could not give Jackie an answer. A piercing sound met his ears as the eight -tailed demonic snake raised its tail and attacked Jackie with a speed that could not be seen by some of the people.

Those constant, unending attacks gave Jackie a huge headache. It was at that moment did he realize why the masked man was so badly wounded.

The eight-tailed snake’s tail attacks were not something a normal person could withstand. Furthermore, the eight-tailed snake seemed incredibly versed in combat; each attack was aiming at a fatal blow.

Not even a god could withstand the constant attacks!

Jackie took a deep breath as he mentally lamented. If he did not have the memories left behind for him, he might not have been able to pass this stage.

After all, the eight-tailed demonic snake was far too strong. It did not have any martial skills or special abilities, and it relied on pure physical strength!

Its whole body was covered with a layer of scales, and slaying it would be an incredibly difficult feat, especially if one knew not its weakness and if an individual had not the strength greater than the eight -tailed snake!

Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but mumble to himself, “I can’t delay it anymore! If I keep delaying, my true energy will be exhausted!”

Thinking about that, he once again used the laws of space. This time, he did not avoid the attack by heading outward and instead teleported straight to the snake’s back.

He floated behind the snake and clearly felt that aura that could not be ignored coming from the eight tailed demon snake. A dense layer of demonic energy surrounded its body.

The scales on its back were as hard as steel, so much so that even steel might not be able to compare. The black scales looked incredibly strong under the blood -colored glow of the moon.

The masked man could not help but laugh coldly at the scene.

“What is Jackie trying to do? Is he planning on attacking the snake’s back? Is something wrong with his brain? Doesn’t he know that fiends usually had the hardest defense around their backs?!

“Even I wouldn’t dare to attack its back; that’d just be a waste of time. It seems like this brat lacks experience in battle after all!”

The moment he said that, Griffin, who had just been quietly standing in the corner, finally found a chance to speak up. Griffin hurriedly said, “You’re right! This guy has no battle experience. Based on what I know, he had only fought within the clan a few times. Even though he won every battle, it’s still a very small number of battles!

“Someone like him can’t possibly have the most basic of knowledge!”

Griffin’s words made the masked man incredibly happy. He nodded at Griffin, feeling like not killing the brat, Jackie, at the start had been a brilliant decision. At the very least, it made him feel a little better.


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