No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2332

The masked man was so enraged that he scrambled to stand up, albeit struggling when he did, wanting to fight with the northern disciples, even daring to bet his life on the line.

Alas, he had yet to recover from his injuries and could not even stand up.

The disciples next to him hurriedly helped the masked man up, and Zamian even tried to console him, saying, “Don’t get angry; these are just petty remarks made by insignificant people. If you weren’t injured, they wouldn’t have even dared to say all that. You’ll surely recover eventually, and you can show them who’s boss after that!”

The masked man was so angry his entire body was trembling. His anger boiled within his heart, and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Jackie’s lips twitched at the sight.

Even though the masked man was incredibly strong and talented, he was rather frail in his mentality. Just a few words were enough to have him spitting out blood in anger. He was far too weak on that front.

Just as Jackie’s thoughts wandered, a sticky energy suddenly enveloped his body. He immediately turned his head to look at Graham next to him, and Graham’s expression changed as well.

Before they could even figure what was happening, their vision blurred as they were suddenly pulled into an isolated space.

When their surroundings cleared up, Jackie was shocked to notice that he was only less than a hundred meters away from the eight-tailed snake that was in the middle.

When he stepped inside the barrier, the snake seemed to have come alive, and its beady red eyes stared right at Jackie.

Its breath reeked of blood, and the whole place stank of the same ominous stench of blood, too.

Jackie let out a sigh, not able to entirely suppress the surprise he felt. After all, he never expected that he would suddenly be teleported.

He was not the only one caught unaware, as Graham seemed visibly shocked, too. The masked man had naturally not been kind enough to tell them that they would be teleported inside.

Furthermore, the two eight-tailed snakes they were facing launched their attacks before the two of them could even recover from their surprise.

The eight-tailed snake adopted an attacking stance, and Jackie’s eyes stared right into the snake’s red eyes.

Before Jackie made a move, the eight-tailed snake bared its fangs and rushed right at Jackie.

In his shock, he immediately twisted space, suddenly teleporting 30 meters away and heard a crash.

The eight-tailed snake’s head viciously crashed into where Jackie was earlier.

Looking at the massive crater on the ground, Jackie started to have a nervous look on his face. The eight tailed snake’s attack had been far too quick. No wonder it raised its head earlier—it was charging up!

If not for Jackie mastering the laws of space, he might not have been able to avoid that speed. Jackie was even more shocked that such a large crater had formed just from the demonic snake’s head!

The snake, on the other hand, was not injured whatsoever. Its scales seemed to be the strongest scales in the world. It did not seem like any amount of force would be able to break through!

Looking at that scene, Jackie helplessly thought that If he did not know the eight-tailed demonic snake’s weakness, he would never be able to break through those scales on the snake’s body no matter how he attacked

When the outsiders saw that scene, they widened their eyes. Samson lost his voice slightly when he exclaimed, “That’s way too fast; it only took a blink of an eye! If I was there, I would’ve died from that blow!”

His words were not exaggerated at all. If Samson had faced the eight-tailed demonic snake, he would not have been able to avoid it!


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