No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2331

Jackie raised his brow slightly as he said, “Even though the eight-tailed snake is incredibly strong, it’s not like it can’t be beaten. Since you’re ready, let’s go.”

Hearing Jackie’s words, Graham had a sour look on his face. He felt like Jackie was too pretentious and that Jackie’s words were too monotonous. It was as if Jackie implied he was a powerful individual. Graham’s face darkened a bit, and he wanted nothing more than to say some foul words to incite Jackie.

He wanted Jackie to stop showing off like he was the best of the best. However, he knew as well that Jackie would not just take it lying down, and he might end up retaliating

If that awkward situation happened, they could just forget about working together. With that, Graham held back his exasperation as he walked toward the eight-tailed demonic snake with Jackie.

The masked man and the others saw that Jackie had made his move and could only look on with widened eyes. The masked man’s anger started to boil over.

Moments ago, he had felt incredibly uncomfortable being laughed at by Jackie and the others, and he wanted nothing more than to find somewhere to hide.

Zamian, on the other hand, knew what was making the masked man uncomfortable and hurriedly started with his flattery.

“Don’t worry! With their skills, they won’t be able to stand against the eight-tailed demonic snake. The beast will bulldoze them completely, and the two of them won’t ever be able to pass. Only you will be able to climb the Divine Void Slope!”

His words sounded incredibly certain, as if he wanted nothing more than to shout it out to the world. The masked man’s expression mellowed out, and his mood slowly improved, too.

The earlier awkwardness had sent his anger to its limits, and he felt like a few vicious slaps had been delivered to his face.

The masked man smiled coldly as he said loudly,” You two should know your place. It’d be disastrous if you’re just swallowed up by the snake!”

The words were full of mockery, meant specifically for Jackie and Graham. The northern clans’ disciples reddened in anger the moment they heard those words.

If it had been before, they might have kept quiet due to who the masked man was, but the masked man’s earlier actions had been too evil.

If Jackie had not come out, the masked man might have slaughtered the rest of them. They were still filled with frustration and anger, and they could no longer hold it back after the masked man’s words.

Benjamin stepped forward. “Hey, disciple of the Corpse Pavilion, even though I still don’t know your name, you’ve left a deep impression on us.

“Why does it seem like all you know is mockery? Have you forgotten that your words were always met with a slap in the face every time?”

“When you saw us, you had such a shocked look on your face. Is it because you thought we’d never guess your plan?! It looks like you’ve really overestimated yourself!”

“Who wouldn’t be able to see through that little trick of yours? Honestly, we have to thank you for our easy trip here!”

To this, the other disciples of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion joined in, jeering.

“That’s right! Of course we have to thank that disciple with the mask on. If he hadn’t cleared so many obstacles for us, we’d never have arrived here so easily. We didn’t encounter any dangers on the way here at all!”

They chimed in one after another and all those words were like stabs after stabs onto the masked man’s heart. His anger that had just been suppressed boiled up again and exploded.


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