No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2330

Graham snorted at the thought.

Meanwhile, a familiar voice was suddenly heard.

“Jackie, please don’t overdo it. After all, as long as you’re still alive, there’s nothing you can’t do. Don’t put yourself in danger just for the sake of victory,” appealed Nelson with a sincere look on his face.

Nelson had yet to recover from his injuries at that moment. Jackie nodded, knowing that Nelson meant what he said. From the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, other than the traitor, Griffin, only the three of them were left.

Isaiah hurriedly added, “Nelson is right. The eight tailed demonic snake is not easy to defeat, so if you have to fight it, please do so with a plan!”

Jackie reached out and placed his hand on Nelson’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. The three of us are the only ones left from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. No matter what, I’ll make sure I send the two of you back safely.”

Even though he did not harbor that much positive intention for the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, he had to admit that the clan had spent time and effort in training him. To repay that debt of gratitude, he would take care of them.

Nelson and Isaiah nodded, visibly moved by Jackie’s words. They had been full of fear for the future due to the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s massive losses and had been very depressed. Hearing Jackie’s words managed to lift their spirits at that moment, albeit only slightly. It had imbued them with the will to survive once more.

Samson looked at the eight-tailed demonic snake curiously. The snake was a few hundred meters tall, and its name suited its looks perfectly.

From the waist downward, its abdomen was split into eight tails. Its whole body was covered by scales, and it had a massive tongue. Its red eyes looked threatening and could send chills into anyone’s heart.

It would occasionally stick its tongue out but seemed to completely ignore the people in front of it. It was as if it did not see anyone. The eight-tailed snake did not attack, which sparked the curiosity of Jackie and the others.

Samson could not help but say, “What’s wrong with this eight-tailed snake? Is something wrong with its eyes? Why isn’t it attacking us?!”

Jackie looked at Samson. “It’s because we are not within their area of attack.”

Samson was confused and asked, “Area of attack?”

Jackie was in no mood to entertain Samson as he looked over at Graham. “Are you ready? If you’re ready, then let’s not waste time.”

Graham had a sunken expression on his face. He glanced over at Jackie and noticed that Jackie did not seem pressured at all. It was as if Jackie did not care about the battle that would soon follow.

He himself was forced to wonder if he could defeat the eight-tailed demonic snake, or if he would be heavily injured just like the masked man was.

Graham was speechless, even thinking that Jackie was just pretending to be calm. After all, the eight-tailed demonic snake’s skills were no ordinary matter, and it was already incredibly close to the spring solidifying realm.

Even the masked man could not gain an advantage against it. No matter how strong Jackie was, there was no way Jackie could break past the restrictions of his level!

Since that was the case, Jackie’s calmness had to be a façade.

Graham’s lips twitched. “I’m ready, but you seem to be in a much better mood than me, Jackie. Facing such a strong eight-tailed snake, your expression hasn’t changed at all.”

The words sounded like a question, but they had a strange tone to them. Jackie smiled lightly, and it was obvious what that man was thinking in his mind.


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