No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2329

Graham snorted. “You killed so many of our fellow disciples, so we won’t let you off either! Even if we can’t kill you right now, we’ll make you pay in the future!”

Jackie did not care much about the masked man’s curses, but Graham’s words had caused him to raise his eyebrow.

Graham was rather interesting. This man had basically tied himself to Jackie in that one sentence, as if the two of them were tied together by the same clan.

Jackie did not think that Graham really meant it. He understood very well that the two of them were only standing on the same side purely because they were temporarily in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Since they were both from northern clans, they had to work together against the Corpse Pavilion However, the moment they left the Divine Void Slope, Graham would not show any mercy whatsoever.

Jackie was not even willing to guarantee that Graham would not work with the masked man against him.

The masked man cackled at Graham’s words, However, he was heavily injured, and on top of that, his heart was steaming with anger. His body’s condition was getting worse, and he could no longer even sit properly.

The disciples that were near to him immediately reached out to help the masked man. Graham seemed to only just notice that the masked man was heavily injured to the degree that he could not even sit properly.

He immediately turned around in shock. “What’s wrong with him? Why is he so heavily injured? Did something happen to him?”

Jackie frowned as he looked at Graham exasperatedly. Jackie could not believe that Graham only just noticed the eight-tailed demonic snake that was hundreds of meters tall.

With such a large snake right there, he was still asking Jackie why the masked man was so badly injured?

Was that guy mentally deficient?

Jackie smiled lightly and said with a slightly cold tone, “Do you not see that eight-tailed demonic snake?”

Graham furrowed his eyebrows. “Eight-tailed demonic snake? That’s called an eight-tailed demonic snake? You’re incredibly knowledgeable, Jackie, and you know everything! Compared to you, I feel like I’m lacking.”

Jackie completely ignored those false words of flattery. He was too lazy to dwell on these things with Graham.

“The two of us will be facing an eight-tailed demonic snake each as well. Looking at how injured the masked man is, he probably didn’t get to receive help. Passing will depend on our own individual skills.”

Graham hurriedly nodded. “Be wary, Jackie. Looking at how injured the guy is, the eight-tailed demonic snake is definitely not easy to handle.”

Jackie pursed his lips and looked at Graham.

Benjamin then advised Graham nervously, “Graham, you have to act according to your strength… You shouldn’t allow yourself to suffer any incurable injuries just to pass; that would be pointless. After all, there will still be another battle waiting for you after you pass.”

Graham let out a sigh. He knew that Benjamin never thought that he could defeat the masked man. Those words were basically telling him that even the masked man had suffered such heavy injuries to win. If he could not win, he should try and retreat.

It would possibly allow him to preserve his life.

Jackie glanced at Graham. Even though Graham was composing himself, Jackie could still see a sliver of rage in Graham’s eyes. Graham believed he had been underestimated.


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