No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2328

The masked man and his lackeys were all incredibly familiar with the ones at the helm.

There they were: Jackie, Graham and Benjamin, all standing upright in front of them.

Jackie seemed rather laid-back as he gazed at them nonchalantly, unperturbed.

On the other hand, Graham and Benjamin’s eyes were filled with rage, and the scene stunned the masked man. It was not just him, though-the others were all stunned as well.

They were just on a ridicule-train, bashing on these men, so sure that they would still be in the outer areas. All that, and they suddenly popped right into the scene!

Zamian’s lips froze as he exclaimed, his voice trembling, “How is that possible? How could they be here?! Shouldn’t they be at the outskirts?”

They must have known that many people have perished, and they should have wasted a very long time gathering everyone up. Furthermore, the large number of fiends they would have had to exterminate would have delayed them by a great deal.

Alarmingly, they still made it!

They had arrived no more later than themselves. The masked man had just defeated the eight-tailed snake and did not even have the chance to rest before Jackie and the others arrived!

Jackie chuckled coldly, ignoring the conflict felt by the masked men and his lackeys. He merely turned his head and set his gaze on the eight-tailed snake.

Jackie recognized the eight-tailed snake from the past memories.

The eight-tailed demonic snake had never appeared on the Hestia Continent before; it existed in a second -ranked world. A mature eight-tailed demonic state could reach up to the spring solidifying realm in power. Those they were looking at were not truly in the spring solidifying realm yet, but they were close.

Thinking of this, Jackie frowned, his expression a little dark. Just as he was thinking of how he would deal with the eight-tailed demonic snake…

Graham shouted loudly, “Don’t think those little tricks of yours are enough to help you pass. I didn’t fall for them!”

Jackie could not resist looking at Graham when he heard that. Feeling Jackie’s gaze, Graham’s face stiffened as he added, “Jackie noticed the marks you’ve left a long time ago, and he didn’t even take too long to understand what you were doing! Who do you think you’re fooling with that flimsy trick of yours?!”

Graham even went to the extent of enhancing his voice with his true energy, not wanting the opposing group to not hear him.

The masked man became visibly livid; he had never felt so pathetic in his life. There he was, pleased with himself just moments ago, yet his pride had been shattered so quickly.

The plan he had felt was perfect had been decoded with ease!

At that moment, the masked man felt nothing but rage whirling in his mind, so much so that he even forgot the wounds that tormented him. He wanted nothing more than to rip Jackie apart. It was Jackie yet again-it was always him! Jackie was the sole cause of every moment of humiliation he had gone through!

The masked man became so enraged as thoughts consumed him, and he even spat a mouthful of blood.

Zamian hurriedly knelt and helped the masked man up. “Don’t get angry! Who cares about these commoners? They can’t possibly pass; they don’t have the skill to!”

The masked man flung away Zamian’s hand, still livid, sending Zamian to the ground. At that moment, the masked man could no longer maintain his composure.

He pointed at Jackie with his trembling hand. “Just you wait! I won’t let you off, I promise you that. I’ll have you begging for death, and I will send you to hell!”

Despite the masked man’s hate-filled declaration, Jackie was still…undisturbed. He was already used to words like that and was already practically immune to them. Even though it was the masked man saying such words, Jackie did not care at all.


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