No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2327

Rufus nodded.

Lennon, meanwhile, stood by the side and spoke, albeit rather anxiously, “They won’t reach this place. You’ve made such good arrangements, and they’ve definitely fallen for your schemes.”

The masked man nodded, thinking that Jackie and Graham would not be able to reach where they were at, too. He had planned the scheme himself; there was no way they would not fall for it.

Plus, he had planned to kill two birds with one stone. He would both kill off those people and carve a clear path forward for himself, devoid of obstacles.

When it was about time, he brought the disciples who subjected themselves unto him and walked along the path free from obstacles, arriving at the foot of Netherworld Mountain. Just thinking about it made him feel incredibly pleased with himself.

Zamian smiled. “They can’t possibly be able to figure out that you did not plan on killing Jackie and Graham at all! Killing so many troublesome people was just to attract their attention.

“It was to delay them! Once enough time is delayed, they won’t have the focus to kill fiends and advance. The time limit is only two days, and if they don’t find this place by then, you’ll be the only one who passes.

The masked man nodded, slowly opening his eyes, incredibly pleased with himself as evident with his expression. His strategy was flawless…and those disciples from the northern clans were all too hung up with their honor and virtue.

They were different from evil practitioners. Looking at their fellow disciples being killed like that, they would definitely try to fight back. They would gather all the other remaining disciples and attempt to battle.

However, what they did not know was that the masked man would have already brought his own disciples to the foot of Netherworld Mountain. All he did was just to pass, and there would naturally not be any disruptions.

Just thinking about this amused the masked man greatly. He could not stop himself from smiling, and everyone around him was heaping praises on him.

“You are talented beyond belief. Those guys definitely won’t guess your true plan!”

“That’s right! Even though Jackie and Graham don’t amount to much, they still have some skill. If we really plan on killing them, it might end up delaying ourselves, and we’d have suffered great losses if they ended up escaping!”

“Right now, they’re probably only a hundred kilometers in, while our great senior has already passed!”

The masked man wanted so badly to see their expressions after the task ended and they all returned to the Divine Void Slope. At that moment, he would reveal all his plans.

He wanted nothing more than to see for himself Jackie and Graham’s remorseful expressions. He wanted to return all the humiliation he had suffered dealt by Jackie, right back at him. That was not all, though.

He would have Jackie pay the price and have Jackie wish he was dead!

The masked man could barely contain himself just thinking of all this.

All of a sudden, at that moment, a familiar voice was heard in the distance, “You really are here. You’re quite fast.”

That voice…

That voice was all too familiar to the masked man.

It was so familiar that the voice was practically engraved into the masked man’s bones. It was not just him, too. There was not a single one of the other disciples from the Corpse Pavilion that was not familiar with it.

They widened their eyes in shock, looking toward the source of the voice. Around 200 meters away…stood 20 twenty disciples.


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