No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2326

Zamian trailed off in his sentence, not daring to continue. After all, the masked man never had the best of tempers. If he had finished his words, he might be seen as questioning the masked man’s skills.

The masked man coldly smiled, looking up at where the eight-tailed snake had fallen, his hands trembling slightly. “This is the last fiend and the last test for me before I pass. It’d be weirder if the fiend was not this strong.”

The masked man gulped as he remembered the bitter battle he had just gone through. If it were not for the fact that he was much stronger than the average person and had reached the spring solidifying realm before, he might not have been able to kill that eight-tailed snake.

Zamian frowned, snorting lightly before saying,” The structure of this blood-colored world is so strange. They allowed us all to enter, but at the final battle, they erected a barrier, not allowing us in to help you at all.”

The masked man coldly smiled, glancing at Zamian disdainfully before saying, “Do you think that the old man who designed this stage has your brain? If he let everyone in, how could he not have thought of this?

“The eight-tailed snake wouldn’t have amounted to much if we attacked it in a group, then the last test would hold no meaning to it. The whole reason the eight-tailed snake existed was to see if I have the qualifications to pass.”

After saying that, the masked man squinted as he added, his words carrying the sliver of ridicule he had, “Even if those guys risked their lives on the line and arrived here, they wouldn’t be able to pass anyway!”

Zamian hurriedly nodded. “Even you’ve been injured to this degree, so how could the other two have any hope? They were never at your level, and if you hadn’t suppressed your powers, the two of them wouldn’t even be able to face you together.”

The masked man smiled at this; Zamian’s flattery was quite decent

Reveling in Zamian’s praise, he nodded. “I’m definitely at a disadvantage here. If it was outside, even if the two of them challenged me at the same time, I’d make them regret living in this world!”

After finishing those words, his breathing turned erratic. He felt waves after waves of pain as he started to tremble. He hurriedly formed some seals with his hands, trying to stabilize his injuries.

The Corpse Pavilion’s chosen disciple, Rufus, eyed the two other eight-tailed snakes. When they all arrived at the foot of the mountain, they noticed three eight-tailed snakes.

The three snakes did not attack on their own, and they were all sealed within their own barriers. When the masked man got closer, a wave of energy enveloped him, sending him to one of the eight tailed snakes.

The battle started immediately. The eight-tailed snake was like an angered beast and fervently started to attack!

All of the disciples there had witnessed that incredibly dangerous battle.

Rufus let out a small sigh, his tone carrying a sliver of doubt as he spoke, “Even with a barrier between us, I could still feel a very dense demonic energy coming from the snake. We can’t just call it a common eight tailed snake-it’s probably an eight-tailed demonic snake.”

The others nodded after hearing those words, thinking Rufus could be right. The eight-tailed demonic snake’s demonic energy could not be suppressed, so much so that even with the barrier in the way, they could still clearly feel it.

The demonic snake was not like the fiends they had encountered before. Even though the fiends had power coming out of their bodies as well, none of them had such dense demonic energies.

Yet, that eight-tailed snake felt like it had been soaked in demonic energy: raw and unbridled energy.

The masked man said as he recuperated, “It truly is a demonic snake. To be precise, this monster is probably incredibly close to the spring solidifying realm. It only needs just the slightest push to level up. With that level of strength, even I can’t defeat it easily, let alone the other two.”


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