No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2325

“Since we already know why he’s left the Evil Blood Thunder marks to ensure that he passes, why don’t we use it for ourselves?”

Graham paused, his eyes suddenly widening as he gleefully exclaimed, “You’re right! Since he’s cleared the fiends along this path, we might as well follow the way! We can think about the rest after we pass!”

After making his decision, Graham did not waste any more time. He turned around and started to loudly order everyone behind him.

“This is the special mark that the masked man from the Corpse Pavilion left behind. Now, we have to follow these marks as we advance to make sure it’s safe. I know all of you entered the blood world in hopes of killing fiends and obtaining treasures, but this is a special circumstance.

“If we don’t move together, you might very well end up being killed by the Corpse Pavilion.

“I won’t force all of you to follow us forward. If you’re not willing and would rather hunt fiends and obtain treasures, I won’t stop you.”

After he finished those words, the other remaining disciples all voiced their loyalty.

“We’re going to keep following Graham. We wouldn’t dare go out alone. Treasures are nice, but our lives are more important!”

“He’s right. Don’t worry; we’re all already mentally prepared, and we’ll follow all of you. As for those treasures, we’ve given up on them!”

Receiving everyone’s pledge, Graham’s expression cleared up a little. “Alright, then we won’t waste any more time. Let’s hurry up and advance. We’ll take turns sending out our senses like last time and look for the remnants that the masked man left behind.”

Jackie looked at Graham meaningfully. That guy did not mention the truth at all; he had hidden the most important part. Nonetheless, Jackie could not rock the boat at this moment, so he merely went along with Graham.

The group started to advance, following the marks the masked man left behind, advancing toward Netherworld Mountain.

Even from a distance, Netherworld Mountain looked impressively massive. Even with over 150 kilometers between them, they could still see its full glory. The closer they got, the more they could feel how impressive it was.

Anyone standing beneath the mountain would seem unbelievably miniscule. It would make one feel as small as a newborn ant.

The masked man clenched his chest, and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

He was in no way as strong as he was before and, instead, even felt a bit weak. Standing next to him, Zamian helped the masked man with a concerned look

“Are you alright?!”

The masked man raised his hand shakingly, using all his might to shake his head. At that moment, even his voice was unsteady as he responded, “I’m fine! Help me sit down, I need to meditate!”

Zamian hurriedly helped the masked man. He placed a blanket underneath the masked man’s buttocks and took out expensive medicinal pills for the masked man.

At that moment, not only did the masked man look like he was in a bad state, but he seemed very aggrieved by pain as well. Just moving a little would aggravate the injuries on his whole body. The bone piercing pain he felt was not something an ordinary person would be able to stand.

He lost count of how many bones were broken on his body. Just his ribcage alone, there were four, and that was even the result of him doing his best to defend his chest. If he had not protected the most important part at the last moment, he would probably not even have been able to stand up.

“Why is that eight-tailed snake so strong?!” blurted Zamian concernedly. “It actually did this to you…”


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