No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2324

Graham and the others were puzzled, and some of the more curious folk could not hold back from asking immediately, “What did you guess?”

“That’s right! What does that guy want?”

Jackie let out a deep sigh as he looked at the direction behind the tree. Netherworld Mountain was still shrouded in red, incredibly far away. It looked like it would never be touched.

His pupils moved slightly as he somberly spoke, “His biggest goal at the moment is to pass as fast as possible, and his second goal is to not let the two of us pass. He’s not someone who doesn’t know where he stands; he knows which of those he can’t do.

“This is why he’s using another way to constantly delay us. He wants us to not be able to make it in time to pass at all! He’s already arranged things long ago: he’d clear all the obstacles here, and then leave behind marks so he can advance, unhindered.”

Everyone else was confused to have heard Jackie’s explanation, but Graham understood.

His expression changed, his teeth gritting harshly as he growled, “That dog of a man has gone too far. There’s really nothing he won’t do!”

The masked man brought all his fellow disciples around, slaughtering all the northern clan disciples and not forgetting to kill off the fiends they saw. They cleared a path of obstacles and left behind marks, all to save time.

It was so he could arrive at Netherworld Mountain in the stipulated time!

Graham became even more furious as he thought about it. He wanted nothing more than to rush right at the masked man and challenge him to a duel. If he defeated the masked man, even ripping the man apart would not alleviate his anger.

“That despicable, shameless man! He’s quite smart!”

Jackie raised a brow. That was something he was hypothesizing. If they switched positions, he would have felt that the plan was quite solid, if not extremely cruel. However, to the masked man, that was not cruel at all.

After all, the ones to die were not his fellow disciples. Killing off the northern disciples had been one of his goals, anyway.

Graham anxiously paced around on the spot. “What should we do? We can’t just leave things as they are! We can’t just hand the pass to him, either-we have to make him pay!”

Jackie did not say anything as he gazed into the distance. No matter what Graham said at that moment, it would not affect Jackie’s mood nor would It affect his decision.

In truth, Jackie could feel that what Graham cared the most was whether or not he could pass. However, the masked man had succeeded a step before him.

Noticing Jackie’s silence, Graham said anxiously, “We have to figure out a way. Why don’t we do what they did? Let’s track them down and exact what they’ve done!

“I refuse to believe that the masked man will constantly be with the other disciples. Even though there are only twenty-five of us left, we have you and my skills.

“With the two of us at the helm, we don’t need to care about their numbers at all! We’d still be able to kill them all!”

Graham’s last words were uttered through clenched teeth, his eyes filled with palpable murderous intent. He could have made the resolve to kill every single one of the disciples from Corpse Pavilion, too.

Jackie, however, shook his head. He could not afford to let his thoughts get as muddled as Graham at that moment.

“I’ll say the same thing as I’ve said before: don’t rush into things. The two of us should focus on passing right now. Revenge can wait for the moment.


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