No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2323

Samson stood behind Jackie and mumbled, “This is so strange. Before, we’d find a fiend every one to three kilometers, and we’d even encounter two or three of them. Yet, ever since that withered tree, we haven’t met a single fiend… All we saw were remnants of that battle.”

Jackie stood up and looked around him. Just from the traces of that battle, he was unable to determine if the ones who fought were disciples from their side or those from the south.

With that in mind, he could not resist unleashing his senses, expanding it to 300 meters. At that moment, he felt a familiar feeling coming from a withered tree root about 250 meters away.

His breaths grew short in anxiousness. “It’s the electric mark from Evil Blood Thunder again!”

The moment he said that, the other 24 participants paused and gazed at Jackie expectantly. Jackie did not bother waiting for them to say anything, however, and started to rush toward where he sensed the mark.

The other participants followed closely behind Jackie. In that blood-red world, other than the most common hills and slopes, all they saw were various withered trees.

Those fragile-looking withered trees had already been dead for an unknown number of years. They stood there as if they would fall at any moment, and yet also looked like they would stand there, unchanging for eternity. Every few minutes, they would see two or three of those withered trees.

Jackie arrived next to the withered tree and knelt, expanding his senses again. At that moment, he felt the senses of the others unleashed as well. 25 senses conversed in the same area as they investigated the foot of the tree.

“It really is there!” blurted Graham somewhat emotionally.

The others started to discuss among themselves,” Why did the Corpse Pavilion disciple leave behind these marks? This is no doubt the electric remnant of the Evil Blood Thunder. It means that he came here personally.”

“Who knows what he’s trying to do? It’s nothing good, that’s for sure. He might’ve left behind these things to deal with us, to kill us all!”

“I feel so suffocated. If those people weren’t so petty and shameless, we wouldn’t be left with just only twenty-five of us. Once we get out of here, I’ll report this for sure. I’ll have the clan take revenge for our fallen brothers!”

From the initial questions to the later indignation, everyone grew more and more emotional, and Jackie looked behind helplessly.

Even though those people were among the top talent -wise and skill-wise within their own clans, their brains did not seem to work very well. They spoke without regard for anything.

They did not think deeply at all.

Even putting aside whether they would be able to escape safely, the higher-ups would only suppress their reports if they were to get out.

After all, the target was a fourth-grade clan as well. However, he had to push down those words at that moment.

Graham earnestly looked at Jackie. “Jackie, why do you think they left these marks? I did a little calculation, and the two marks are fifteen kilometers apart. Might we find another one another fifteen kilometers deeper?”

Jackie did not even need to think before nodding.” Absolutely. I’ve already more or less guessed the use of these marks. I have to say, there’s nothing that guy won’t do. In order to pass, he’s used everything he can.”


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