No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2321

Graham frowned and turned his head away from Jackie’s accusatory gaze.

“To be frank, I’ve thought of the same thing, too. Even though I’m a highly ranked chosen disciple, it doesn’t mean I know everything. This is a clan secret, and even with a high position, I’m still just a disciple in the end.”

Jackie nodded, admitting that Graham was right.

Benjamin tried to pick up the mood by the side as he said, “Don’t be angry, Jackie, and let’s not hold grudges, either. I think that Graham is right. Since the clan did all this, they naturally have their own plans.

“The clan doesn’t want this to happen, either, for so many disciples dying is out of their expectations.”

The way Benjamin had tried to soothe things over was rather tactless, however. Jackie was not a simple mind that would allow someone’s few words to change his thoughts.

He smiled lightly as he said, “You two don’t have to use those words to try and fend me off; I’m not someone so carefree. If this matter hadn’t advanced to this stage, I would never have even asked those questions.”

After that, Jackie’s cold smile deepened. “You say they didn’t expect so many to have died. I don’t believe that one bit.

“The higher-ups of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion know better than any of us what type of people come from the Corpse Pavilion. They’re ruthless and venomous in their methods, and they’d stop at nothing so long as they have something in their sights!

“Honor and morality are nothing for those people. As long as there’s a chance to get rid of us, they’d definitely take it. This is no accident; it’s all within their expectations!”

Jackie got angrier as he spoke, and his face reddened.” You’re right, Graham. You’re just a disciple in the end, and there are things you don’t know.

“However, I refuse to believe you know nothing at all. Otherwise, with your personality, you wouldn’t have entered this place for sure.”

The moment he said that, Graham’s face stiffened, yet Jackie continued, “You can’t possibly know everything, but it’s also impossible that you know nothing at all. Those elders that are closer to you would’ve revealed a thing or two.

“I know these are all secrets to you, but with the way things are right now, I’m not even sure if we can survive this place if you still keep your secrets.”

Jackie’s words were not just to increase the sense of danger; he genuinely felt that way. If Graham and the others did not reveal the truth, it was very possible they would be swimming around in the dark, and even more people would die because of those higher-ups.

That was something Jackie did not want to see or have happened. Thinking about that, he looked back to Isaiah and Nelson behind him.

Isaiah was helping Nelson walk with one arm, and both of them looked to be in bad shape as well. After all, the Dual Sovereign Pavilion had greatly suffered this time. Other than the traitor, only the three of them were left.

Furthermore, the two of them were not even sure if they themselves could survive, fearing the future to come, resulting in their very-obvious anxious expressions. Jackie could understand how they felt, and he did not want anything to happen to these two.

Putting aside everything else, Nelson was quite a good person. Jackie really did not want to see a tragedy happen, so he had to pursue the matter to the fullest and dig out the truth.


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